Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jays 2, Sox 1

General Thoughts on the Jays' 2-1 win:

  • Dice-K's 4th inning meltdown was ugly, in a Rick Ankiel sort of way. If only the Jays had someone a little more fearsome than Jason Smith come up with the bases loaded. (Although to be fair to Smith, he has 3 RBIs in 20 ABs, one less than Thomas has in 47 ABs.)
  • The Jays pitching looked fantastic tonight, with Gus Gus (6.2, 6H, 3Ks 0 BBs, 1 ER) looking as sharp as he has in a while, and Janssen and Frasor continue to look strong.
  • Vernon was probably out at first, but we'll take it.
  • Is it too early to be excited about the fact that the Jays leapfrogged the BoSox into first place with a win tonight?
  • Danny Heatley can start scoring any time now. (Sorry, that was the other game we were trying to watch simultaneously).
Game 2 tomorrow - Wakefield (1-1, 1.38) v. Ohka (0-1, 7.84).

Now if you'll excuse us, all this Dice-K talk has us craving a gyro.

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