Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another nighttime showdown in Baltimore

Oh yeah, and Jays-O's too. Mos def.

The Jays run Josh Towers (1-1, 2.03) out against Canadian lefty Adam Loewen (1-0, 3.95 ERA). And let's be honest - if there the Jays had a choice of which Canadian lefty they'd want to face in this series, I'm sure it would be Loewen over Erik Bedard.

Even if Towers continues to pitch well, the real key will be what happens in the later innings when the Jays go into a bullpen that's already been overused just a few short weeks into the season.

Any guesses on what Maestro Gibbons will pull out of his cap for a lineup tonight? Stairs in CF? Overbay at SS? Halladay behind the plate?

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