Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sportsnet: You are forgiven

Guerre nucléaire has been averted.

We received a very thoughtful email from the folks who run the Inbox segment on Sportsnet Connected, who explained that their snub last Friday was due to the first day jitters by a new segment producer. Apparently, Ryerson ain't what it used to be.

As such, we have decided to call back the ICBMs, and lock up the launch codes. There will be peace in our time.

As a result of this new pax being struck, we had to find someone else to add to the old On Notice Board:

We have added the Devil Rays screamer, for being an annoying douchebag, for cheering for the Devil Rays, and for not updating his blog in more than a year. Heckler: You're on notice!

1 comment:

Timmy G said...

Oh dear God, that's awesome.

Frank Tanana at number one on you "On Notice" list. I think my childhood ended during that 1987 fall weekend. It was sunny out, but after that, it would always be cold in my heart.

Jimmy Key deserved better!