Monday, April 30, 2007

They Are Circling

Despite the team's win yesterday, Jays' skipper John Gibbons has to realize that he has spilled some blood in the shark pool. We at Tao of Stieb have been calling for a mangerial change for some time, but now the mainstream press are joining in. It's not that Gibbons is a bad guy or incompetent. He suited the team in the past. It's that as of this year, JP Riccardi has put together a team good enough to compete with the best in the league. What has stopped the team this year seems to be lack of focus and purpose in games against the slugs of the league. It is the job of the manager to create that focus and motivation. It is hard to motivate your players though when you hide in your office after a tough loss.

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Mike said...

Bring back Cito!