Sunday, July 26, 2009


The truth is, by the time I read over the first draft of this post, I wasn't even angry anymore. Six or seven hours ago? Furious. Now? Frustrated, but strangely indifferent. And that's not a good thing.

It's just not a lot of fun anymore. Wait, let me rephrase that - it's just not a lot of fun right now, and for my own sanity, I came to the realization that I should probably dial it back for a while.

(cue melodrama)

It's just all too much right now, man:

We have The Roy Halladay saga. Is everyone else ready for this to come to an end? The constant Google news searches, MLB Trade Rumors, the Twitter's not good. July 31, or 28, or wheneverthefuck can't come soon enough.

We have horseshit baseball on the field. Seriously, blowing a 9-1 lead? Through 6? At home? Come on. As an aside to this, and I'm prepared for the comments section beating here, but this loss is on Cito. Leaving Tallet out there in the seventh to completely shit the bed, when he hasn't started in, what, 15 days (?) and was clearly running out of gas - with a largely rested bullpen, to boot - was inexcusable. Fast forward to the ninth, and who do we see? Why, it's Scott Downs, the only relief arm to have made an appearance in the prior game (not to mention the result), with a rested and nails-of-late Jason Frasor at the ready.

I'm just sayin'.....the Jays are now 3 games under .500, and John Gibbons was routinely disparaged around these parts, and ultimately fired, for leading the team to a 35-39 record (that's 4 games under, if you're keeping score) in his final season. Just sayin', is all.

We have uncertainty off the field. What's the plan, Beeston? What's the good word, Rogers? For the better part of the season - JP Ricciardi OBVIOUSLY excluded - the silence from upper management has been deafening. Keeping the fanbase in the dark may be a bullshit move, but misleading the fanbase (2010!!!) is in-ex-cus-a-ble. Inexcusable.

Don't get me wrong. I love this team. I love baseball. I'm sure I'll be chiming in if/when the big deal goes down (I know - shocking, right?). But I need a break, friends. See you in a few weeks.


Mattt said...

I'm the furthest thing from a Cito basher, but those were some pretty questionable decisions yesterday.

Regarding the silence of management-let's just hope that they are letting this season play out and sweeping changes are waiting.

I'm also the furthest thing from JP basher but I'm pretty sure he's had his chances and his day is done.

Let's just enjoy the beautiful game of baseball for the rest of the season. We aren't making the play-offs again, losses like yesterday are hard to stomach, but there is always the chance that we will see some entertaining baseball the rest of the way...

eyebleaf said...

It could always be worse - we could be Orioles fans.

See you in a few, Ack. Stay up.

Anonymous said...

This month has no doubt been a disaster. But I don't know if a manager could even lose a 9-1 lead on purpose

Brandon E.M. Savage said...

No bashing from me, that loss is totally on Cito... Tallet had no business starting the 7th inning... Pitched a great game, hit the showers, bub.

One could also blame Cito for allowing Bautista to play 3rd 2 days ago, whose error led directly to that loss. When you have Scott Rolen on your bench, play him... We've seen ZERO signs that his body is ailing him this year, and he's said he'd like to play more.


The Ack said...

@ eyeb: you know what though, least Orioles fans know what they have. They've got a team loaded with young pitching prospects (Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta), they've got good young players locked up (Markakis, Jones, Reimold, Weiters), they've got veterans who are good players (Roberts, umm....)...etc.

That's the problem. Who are we? What direction are we taking? What's ownership's stance? Are we slashing payroll, or is "payroll not an issue"? Who's the "full-time" Prez going to be? When is Ricciardi finally going to walk the plank? I wants ome answers, goddamnit!

Anonymous said...

Sad music fits this team right now

Anonymous said...

I'm officially off the Cito bandwagon. I like the guy and think he'd make a great hitting coach, but he's not a very good manager anymore.

Sure, he won two World Series, but that was a long time ago.

Does saying that make me racist?

MK Piatkowski said...

My dad's been saying ever since Cito came back that he can't manage pitchers. I think if he left that to Arnsberg we'd be a lot better off. I agree, Tallet shouldn't have been left in, or at the very least should have been on a short leash in the 7th.

Darren Priest said...

I feel your pain, Ack, this would be a very difficult time to write about the Blue Jays for (presumably) free. At least they salvaged one game today.

Anyways, I found this article today about homegrown vs acquired teams. The guy actually did every team in the league. Interesting read. It's a few months old, so you may have seen it, but here's the link just in case.

Strings said...
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Ian H. said...

Ack, I'm with you - Cito mismanaged that game. I know heindsight is 20/20, but Tallet should not have been left out there and he should have gone to Frasor in the 9th. Just sayin' ...