Sunday, July 5, 2009

Richmond to the DL? Sure, why not

In the least surprising (but still entirely depressing) development of late, Scott Richmond has hit the DL with tendinitis in his throwing arm (read: impending Tommy John or labrum surgery - heyo!). Rookie Brad Mills, coming off a spectacular start in Vegas (8IP, 2H, 0ER, 1BB, 7K), will take his spot on the roster. Let's just forget about that 850 foot Werth-bomb from his last big league effort, shall we? Go get 'em, kid.

Since we're already here, can anyone think of a starter or two who the Jays have DL'd in the last few seasons? Oh wait - I can:

Burnett (barf)
.....and that's just from memory. Feel free to bitch-slap me with glaring omissions in the comments section (no - guys like Vic Zambrano don't count). At least the arm woes haven't affected the bullpen though, right? Wait, nevermind.

Do you think Summer of Tallet and Franchise Cecil feel the guillotine staring down on them? It's only a matter of time, right? WRONG - FUCK OFF!

(Cue Arnsberg haters in 3, 2, 1.....)

Up today
Cecil vs Jabba. Please? Come on Jays. I need it. I can't do an 0-for the weekend. I just can't.


Woefully Irrelevant White Guy said...

Only the stupidest Jays fan would defend Arnsberg at this point! NO team has pitching injuries to the SP like this or even the bullpen. The guy is an arm ruiner!

I also read that wilner claims that they won't do anything eye cathing in terms of signings next year BECAUSE they won't have the money. Translation...Halladay will be traded or will walk! They won't even sign cheap people like Abreu or even Branyan to a contract? IT's fucking ridiculous. JP and the Rogers are making Hallday walk. IF you think hestays on this 4th place team THINK again. Doc will wait and see if they make moves to sign people THEN he will make his decision. Can you imagine how few people will support this team when/if he leaves?The crowds will diminish like in Exposville!

The Ack said...

What you are doing right now is something that I am often guilty of, but trying to correct.

Over the top reactionary.

First of all, how in the fuck is JP trying to make Halladay walk? By not spending the money that isn't even there in the first place? By your logic, if there's no money to spend, what kind of moves do you want JP to make - whether it's by FA or picking up a player (and his salary)?

Second, why do folks only quote (and agree with) Wilner when it suits their agenda? If Wilner wrote a piece telling people to relax and that the Jays had capacity to add salary (which, admittedly, I'm sure they don't), you'd be posting on his blog telling him to fuck off. It's just way too convenient, dude.'s a long second half. Things look bleak right now, yeah. And maybe the Jays do finish in fourth. But maybe they win 50 fucking games in the second half and attendance spikes by 5K a game. Who knows?

....and re: Arnsberg. I'm open to the notion that he might be hard on the arms, but let's see some evidence first. I recall Bart Given penning something indicating that the Jays were in the middle of the pack with regards to pitching DL stints. Not sure how recent the data was though.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure the data Given mentioned was from last year - or that's when he was compiling it - so I think it is pretty recent.

And I agree - I just can't do an 0-for the weekend. C'mon Jays!

- Mabel

woefully Irrelevant white GUy said...

@Ack, that was Mr inside baseball wilner talking, not me. I don't work for the Rogers, he does. He probably knows the situation more than we do. Ack, if they don't add anything next year, let's face it Doc will walk! Why stay when this team needs at least 2 good clutch/RISP bats and a new no 2(Prisoner pun intended).

Ack, I wish you could hear how the Yes people are gloating at these two victories. Mike Francesa,the biggest Sports Radio guy in the nYC area, basically said that the Jays are the easy part of the schedule. Enough already! Can the fucking Rogers spend money or what.

Also, Ack they are not in the middle of the pack in terms of pitcher injuries. Take the AL East, what team has even half their pitching injuries this season? As good as Arnsberg is, he is an arm destroyer. Even wilner sheepishly admitted that Arnsberg could be a factor in the pitching injuries.

eyebleaf said...

In Arnsberg I STILL trust.

Although this is certainly some legendary type DL shit.

We got today, and tomorrow. And I'll be happy with the split.

Ice Cream Jonsey said...

Francesa is a cretin.

The Ack said...

Romero - oblique (sneezing - fuck!)
Halladay - groin
McGowan - Tommy John occurred in the minors, so pre-Arnsberg
Burnett - come on....
Downs - ankle/toe
BJ - Mr. Bad Mechanics
League - surfing injury (fuck!)
. when you get rid of the outliers/non-arm injuries, how much worse does Arnsberg's "record" really look?

ps....Hey Jabba....."SEE YA!"

Anonymous said...

These kinds of performances are exactly why no one goes to Jays games.

If it's not the pitching, it's the hitting, when it's not the hitting it's the pitching. And if the above two are ok, we'll still find some innately obscure stat/streak to do us in.

Not jumping off the wagon, just stating that this stuff is agonizingly maddening,and unfortunately expected.

PS - Congrats to Aaron Hill on being named an all-star. Much deserved.

Anonymous said...

whatta about Castro,now? How lomng can they want to take Castro to come up? Cecil is not ready yet. BRING UP CASTRO!

Anonymous said...

BJ Ryan has got to get his walking papers. Can't have him taking up a roster spot any more.

He done like fucking dinner, son

Nnam said...

Bad mechanics = injury prone

This is fact and Arnesberg and every other pitching coach has nothing to do with.

Go find a picture of Kerry Wood and see how similar it looks.

Plus throwing any pitch that involves high speed supppination ie (sliders and cutter) Guess who throws sliders Richmond, Jesse Litch.

Obliques injuries are par for the course, but poor conditioning is most likely the cause and not mechanics.

The only pitchers on the blue Jays with good mechanics are Roy Hallday, Ricky Romero, Brett Cecil and Brad Mills.

Marcum, McGowan and BJ probably have the some of the worst mechanics in the major...and Scott Richmond and his slider are not too far off.

Brian Tallet mechanics are not that good either and he is probably the next to fall.

Anonymous said...

castro has been shit lately, and did nothing before this season to indicate he could be any good. fuck, he was traded for matt stairs. people need to simmer the fuck down on him. zep should be the next callup

The Ack said...

Nnam nailed it and I'm down with anon 704. I've been following R-Zep for a few seasons now, always felt like he was an under the radar guy. Castro has had success as a starter in the minors, but for whatever reason I think he'd help more in the pen.

0-fer the weekend. Fffuck.

QJays said...

Not the kind of news that Tao will enjoy getting on vacation -- but probably better than actually watching it happen.

Anonymous said...

we talk about the jays not having any money to spend and that's fine to argue about but the truth is none us knows unless we are in the former Teddy circle. Could be the jays have an extra few million hanging around for a rainy day but more likely JP already blew that wad (nearly 40M next year) on BJ, Rios and Wells. As a smaller market team you can't afford to make mistakes with big contracts like that and unfortunately the jays did. Now are only hope is that the Yanks are desperate enough in CF to take a poorly aging, over paid, anti-clutch Vernon off our hands.