Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm not saying that Joba is a crappy pitcher...

...but there's no fooling those dung flies circling around him.

And actually, if you're following us on the Twitter, you know that we are, in fact, saying that Joba is a shitty pitcher. Tweet it loud and tweet it proud, Blue Jays fans: #JobaSucks.


Anonymous said...

Fuck off Parkes

Joanna said...

I noticed this the last time we faced him, but God damn, Joba is deliberate on the mound. After every pitch, he'd take a little walk, have a little sigh. Piss off and throw the damn ball!

Stedron said...

" After every pitch, he'd take a little walk, have a little sigh."

Then drink a beer or twelve, go for a little drive, have his land stolen by the white man, then maybe go to the rosin bag....

Joanna said...

go for a little drive, have his land stolen by the white man, then maybe go to the rosin bag....

geez, why don't you just say he gets a blanket with smallpox and opens a casino before delivering a pitch?

Anonymous said...

joanna, make it super! That fucking super 8 about Joba as a Blue Jay. Most Yankee fans in their fantasy trade for Doc, give this piece of garbage up! They are so down on him. Fuck the Skankees and fuck Joba the Hut!

Blark said...

Why are we talking Joba. Sox are in town & we need to start hitting the ball!!!

Stedron said...

Halladay for Joba + whatever smells an awful lot like Clemens for Wells. How did that work out?

Darren Priest said...

The Tao comments just jumped the shark...sheesh. All these blogs should just fold into DJF.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...


Timmers said...

Jesus, do you douchebags still have a team up there? I've never heard so much pissing and moaning from a crew that gets more enjoyment out of two ass-clowns in umpire masks than they do from the (albeit shitty) Jays product on the field. I'm sure Halladay's wife will be all broken up about leaving TO...until she sees that first paycheck in real American greenbacks. Last time I was up there, it was all I could do not to hear about how strong your "dawler" was, eh? How's that working out for you now, Jays fan? Can't seem to cobble together enough scratch to keep your best player. Yikes. As far as the best pitcher in the AL, that gent resides in Detroit. Let me translate...Dee-troy-it. Cram it full of walnuts Canada. Your team sucks, your building a bullet.

Suck it nerds. Lemon, out!

Anonymous said...

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