Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Rock Out - Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos

Not to come off as an ingrate, but hasn't this whole spring training been going on a little too long? We get that after a long and cold winter of waiting for baseball's return, we should be happy that we're just two weeks away from the start of real baseball. But at this point, we're getting so tired of talking about disingenuous spring mancrushes, and who's going to make the team and who's not. Just get on with it already.

Random Tidbittery

-Lloyd (as always) pretty much nails it when he looks at the rather provincial response to Chipper Jones' distaste for Toronto. If he doesn't care for Toronto, then fine, but it is probably a little bit much to view Chipper's take as the character flaw of a redneck yahoo.

-Bastian notes that Travis Snider will get down on his hands and knees to receive Doc's benediction. Brett Cecil will wake up early in the morning for the same approval. We can't even tell you what we'd do.

-If you're A.J. Burnett (or a vase, or a thin pane of glass), and you're going to get hit with a line drive off the bat of a Blue Jay, you'd probably want that bat to belong to John McDonald. Because that shit will not break you.

-Former Jays AGM Bart Given's started a blog at And though he has some problems with misplaced apostrophes, it's worth a read here and there. There's some interesting insight into the dates of note for MLB front offices, which is especially relevant at this time of year.

And with that, we leave you with Keef and his band of musical assassins singing one of our favourite Stones songs. The Ack is back for the weekend, and we walk off for the week before they make us run.


Joanna said...

you know when he got hit, AJ was looking wistfully into the opposition dugout for Poulis and Arnie. Too damn bad!!!!

Tao of Stieb said...

Just noticed that Given has blogrolled the Drunks and BattersBore, but not us.


Joanna said...

prob not me either...clearly it sucks

Tao of Stieb said...

Seriously, it's all about ME! ME! ME!

err...that should be: WE! WE! WE!

eyebleaf said...

I think that's the first time I've seen Tao right "me."


Tao of Stieb said...

I know. It's weird. I can't believe I slipped for a second there.

Grrrurrghhah! WE! WE! WE! Our! Gargh!

B. Given said...

Tao -

I tried to blogroll you guys...however I kept trying to insert a misplaced apostrophe.

The Ack said...


Darren Priest said...

It's probably just jealousy, Tao. You are the best blogger I know personally.

Who is that guitarist? I was trying to find the lineup in that band on the web, but it's been tougher than I thought. He might be the only musician more ghoulish than Keith Richards --probably why he got the gig.

John Brattain said...

Just noticed that Given has blogrolled the Drunks and BattersBore, but not us.

I still love you--I thought that would be enough!

Or not.


Ah well, soon we'll be cheering on the good guys and all this winter's nastiness will be forgotten.

At least until the first time the Jays lose four straight--then all bets are off!

Best Regards