Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday morning, running on fumes

Running a motor vehicle indoors is not such a super idea for those who aren't suicidal
The motorcross jamboree held on Saturday night under the Rogers Centre dome forced an evacuation of the hotel rooms and restaurants overlooking the stadium. Isn't this yet another argument for turning the former SkyDome into a baseball-only venue?

So long to all of our spring mancrushes
Jason Lane and Brad Emaus - the Mantle and Maris of Dunedin in 2009 - both got their walking papers and will make their way to the Jays' minor league camp for reassignment. Also taking the walk of shame is Dirk Hayhurst, whose sterling 13-to-0 strikeout-to-walk ratio in eight Spring innings was not enough to make up for the massive number of earned runs - one - that he gave up in those appearances.

Let's talk about Alex Rios to the Giants again, shall we?
Bleacher Report ponders who got the better of last spring's non-trade of Alex Rios to the Giants, although they weigh out the relative benefits of the swap with Matt Cain as the pitcher coming back to the Jays instead of Tim Lincecum. And while we have a certain roto-league weakness for Cain, we think we can speak for the majority of the Jays' fanbase when we say "thank god that trade never happened."

And while we smugly dump on starting pitchers we don't have...
Let us ponder the fact that Ricky Romero has become the front-runner for the fourth spot in the rotation, and that Dustin McGowan's return to good health may be delayed long enough that he'll have grey in his lambchops by the time he pitches again. Crap.

It's a blogger roundtable!
Mopup Duty has a Blue Jays Bloggers Roundtable of Death, featuring the best and brightest of the northern baseball blogosphere. There are some interesting thoughts in there, and the quality of the commenting is much improved by the fact that we didn't interject our weak-ass third-person piety into the mix. At least not this time.

The Ack will return once he is done parting the waters
For those of you who missed the inimitable weekend stylings of the Ack, know that he will be back just as soon as he turns back the Red River flood waters. No, seriously: he really spent the weekend helping to sandbag and secure the safety of his neighbours, and for that, he deserves our praise and adulation.

It's funny, though, that when the Ack takes a weekend off, people get up in arms, but we could blow off an entire week and no one would care. Suffice to say, we're not walking down any stairwells in front of the Ack any time soon...we saw Showgirls, and we're not about to make the same mistake as Cristal Connors.


eyebleaf said...

The Ack: A true Canadian hero.

The Ack said...

^^ fuck that noise. I'm just one of thousands pitching in. Actually, probably less than one, because I'm a bit of a girlie man.

...onto Blue Jays baseball, is it wrong that I'm fairly stoked about the start of the Ricky Romero era?

eyebleaf said...

Fine, how about we stick to:

The Ack: A rudey.

And Romero is going to play a large role in the Jays winning the pennant. It's going to be fun.

Tao of Stieb said...

It's too bad the Jays don't play the Rockies this year, because we'd love to see Romero strike out Troy Tulowitzki.

Just once.

Anonymous said...

That would be amazing. Tao, you've just given me wet dreams for a week.

Anonymous said...

Romero will be playing the slots in Vegas in 5 weeks. Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

The Ack is the type of guy who helps his buddies move but then fake lifts.

The Ack said...

I'm not throwing my back out for some piece of shit futon.

Wait, I I'm not, anon.