Saturday, March 21, 2009

First day of spring means baseball, baby

I'm going to go on record right now and say that this has been one of the worst fucking winters of my life. Top five, for sure, and that's really saying something when you live in a city where -30 degrees is commonplace and simply means you need to zip your jacket up. -40 to -50? That shit is cold, man, and only an outrageous (and potentially baldfaced) liar will tell you that you "get used to it". You don't. Things freeze. It's painful. Not cool.

But that's all over for another year, my friends. Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? Can you? I can. Weather aside, the first day of spring means we are on the verge of some real baseball. What? Canada got eliminated good and early? You're dead to me, World Baseball Classic.

Spring training isn't just for the players - it's for the fans too, if my opinion counts for anything (that's rhetorical, smart guy). I keep up a ridiculous intensity for a 162 game season, and I need a good month of idle speculation and foaming at the mouth over stud prospects to ease me into this thing.

Projected 75 to 80 win season be damned (PENNANT!), I'm getting stoked. Come on April 6th - let's go.

Speaking of foaming at the mouth over stud prospects
Brad Mills is making this team, and I think we need to check our expectations. We're talking about a 24 year old arm who has never, in "the scouts'" estimation, projected to be anything more than a back-end starter, who is on the verge of making the bigs after one and a half seasons of pro baseball.

I think, in time, Mills can exceed those expectations - he's got a pretty good arm, Cito loves his makeup, he doesn't get rattled, he's apparently a pretty intelligent dude, etc - but even if he doesn't, that's still OK, right? I mean, come the World Series Season of 2010 (leave me alone), we're looking at a rotation consisting of some combination of Halladay, McGowan, Marcum, Litsch, Cecil, and Mills, right?

And yes, I know Doc is entering that tenuous "extend or trade" portion of his contract, Marcum is coming off TJ, and McGowan's surgically repaired shoulder is already barking. I know these things, but I'm wilfully choosing to ignore them. Besides, that's what big Dave Purcey is for, right? RIGHT??

Roy Halladay throws us a bone
That was cute of Doc to pretend he was human. I'm not fooled. Come on now Roy, you don't expect us to believe that you are anything more than a robotic pitching cyborg sent from the future to destroy opposing bats, do you? Because that shit is just ridiculous.

You know, it's a good thing that Jays management will find a way to extend his contract and ensure he never wears another team's jersey, because any other scenario would just be too much to bear.


Torgen said...

I still haven't seen someone who projects the Jays to win 75 actually give estimates for how many runs we'll score and allow, except BP who thought we'd be below .500 with a +60 run differential, which is clearly full of crap.

eyebleaf said...

Is it just me, or is it getting colder every winter, everywhere?

Two more weeks until opening day. I'm crossing off days on my calendar like a crazy person.

Does this mean it's: Doc, Litsch, Janssen, Purcey, Mills...?

I think we all need to link to that epic post by Lloyd as often as we can. That shit is crazy.

And, Zelkovich in his new blog at THE TORONTO FUCKING STAR, linked to that lame ass video those Americans sent to every Jays blogger alive. Un-fucking-real.

Colin said...

Doc, Litsch, Purcey, Richmond, Mills

Janssen won't be stretched out enough to break as a starter and Clement is a long-shot. When Jannsen's ready, whoever is doing worst will likely be demoted.

Stedron said...


Oh, Celcius...weird. I say that while the Metric system may make more sense than what we use, Fahrenheit mops the floor with Celcius.

Good post. Made me feel better about dropping $200 on the Extra Innings package yesterday.

The Ack said...

dude, -40 is the point where celsius and farenheit meet. fucking cold, man.

I don't understand the team's reluctance to give Clement a spot. I mean, he's pitching as well as could be expected when they signed him, so....what gives?

Anonymous said...

I live where Ack lives and he's exaggerating. This winter was mostly room temperature.

Colin said...

Water should freeze at 0. 32F makes no sense. Below 0 is freezing, above zero is melting, it just makes so much sense. That's the problem with Imperial, there's no consistency.

Mylegacy said...

About the Jays loving Mills "makeup" - if you read BA's Prospect Books a couple of years ago they said the "Jays love Litsch's makeup."

I trust these guys assessment of Mills "intangibles." Imagine in 2010 when the team gets to choose between, Halladay, McGowan, Marcum, Purcey, Litsch, Mills, Cecil, Romero, Richmond and others.

Did I mention we got a kid named Snider that can hit a bit?

eyebleaf said...

Completely agree with Colin. 0 makes sense. Not fucking 32.

Fahrenheit is whack, yo.

Torgen said...

0C is where water (in the least salty solution possible) freezes. 0F is where water (in the most salty solution possible) freezes. When Fahrenheit was inventing his scale, it was a lot easier to saturate a solution of water with salt than to desalinate it. That said, using Fahrenheit nowadays makes about as much sense as using Runs as an individual statistic.

Anonymous said...

I think Clement just pitched his way off the roster today with his great effort aganist the Twins. Seriously dude gave up 9 runs(1 unearned) and he had 7 walks. I am not sure if I like the idea of Richmond on this staff though.

And yes it was fucking cold this winter.

Looking forward to April 6th!

Anonymous said...

fuckin torgen steppin' to the plate! yeow!!

Sven the Swede said...

We have way too much snow in Edmonton.

Is anyone out there watching this Korea and Japan game? This is some seriously awesome baseball.
Do you think that Korea who broke his helmet on the SS's knee would have been fine with his team forfeiting a game with injuries?
And the play by the Korean LF who actually plays first?
I'm hoping this goes into extras.