Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rance doesn't cotton to your shenanigans

If you mess with his team, Rance Mulliniks will mess you up, bro.

Mulliniks' fiery side came out last week in a game between his College of the Sequoias Giants, for whom he is the assistant coach, and Fresno City College.

Damien Marquez of the Visalia Times-Delta reports that after arguing a call at third base, Fresno's Ron Scott turned into a flaming arsewipe douche and started mouthing off at the Giants' bench. That's when Rance stepped in:

"That caught COS assistant coach Rance Mulliniks' attention from the bullpen. He ran towards Scott, the two exchanged some heated words, and both coaches had to be restrained near home plate as players from each team slowly started to walk onto the field.

The umpires did manage to gain control of the situation. Mulliniks was ejected, but Scott was allowed to stay in the game."

Mulliniks was allegedly ejected because he pulled a switchblade and began screaming "IF YOU WANNA DANCE, YOU START WITH RANCE!"

(Actually, that's not true. But we totally wish it was.)

Funny, but Rance always struck us as a mild-mannered pacifist. Or maybe it only seems that way because he is being lulled to sleep by Jamie Campbell all season long.


bkblades said...


I think we found Sportsnet new slogan for Blue Jays baseball. Bravo.

Drew - LtB said...

we also would have accepted:

You wanna do the Rance-dance? The first step is yours.

Darren Priest said...

The idea of Rance as a hot-head coach literally blows my mind. I love it!

Anonymous said...

But then Garth Iorg came in and finished the second half of the fight for Rance.

wcoastjay said...

Haha. I actually laughed out loud at the Iorg comment, anon.

Why can't he bring some of this fire to the booth? I'd kill to have Fletcher take over full time for him :(

The Ack said...

Now that he's snapped, Campbell better keep his head on a swivel in the booth lest he gets knocked the fuck out by Angry Rance.

Anonymous said...

Do we know if Rance and his unchecked anger will be back in the booth this year? Hope so, he's got a good way of explaining some of the game's finer points to the rest of us meatheads.

Anonymous said...

I got the Rance Dance in my pants!

Anonymous said...

Campbell SUCKS!!!!!!