Friday, January 9, 2009

The Tao's Wandering Eye: Ty Wigginton

Why Ty?

Because he hit more homers than any Blue Jay last year
He hit 23, for those of you who are counting. In just 386 at bats, by the way. And that's 39 fewer AB's than it took for Vernon Wells to hit 20.

Because he's played all over the diamond.
He could slot in at first (if Overbay is hurt or sucks), or at third (if Rolen is hurt), or in the outfield (if the magic just doesn't happen for either Adam Lind or Travis Snider). Or he could DH. Whatever, dude.

Because he's played in the AL East before
And he's posted an OPS of .891 versus the Red Sox and .831 versus the Yankees. If you're into that sort of thing.

Because he's lovably plump and he has a big cranium
Somebody's got to replace Kevin Mench's cartoonishly huge skull in the lineup.

Because we have an uncanny ability to ignore some glaring truths
Like the fact that Wigginton posted a 1.080 OPS in the former Enron Park and a .697 OPS everywhere else.


eyebleaf said...

Fuck off, T...

Wait, wrong blog.

And I'm soooooooooo into OPS.

And I still think you should be Blue Jays president. Did you hand in your resume?

Torgen said...

Didn't Keith Law cover this? Guys who have been starters and would make good backups are bad investments because they want to be paid like starters.

Anonymous said...

ty wigginton is pmuch a worse jose bautista

iirc klaw was pretty adamant that wigginton blows and any success he has is entirely park dependent so maybe the jays should stick with teh far supreior player they already have? idk

dave said...

What would a contract with him look like?

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, he's probably out of Toronto's price range.

Darren Priest said...

Tao and his lowered expectations. You must have been the most cooperative child ever, Tao.

"Mom, can I get this Transformer?"

"No, Tao, we can't afford it."

"Oh, alright, how about this Go Bot?"

"That's a good, boy!"

The Southpaw said...

He seems to think he can pull $6 mil per.

That's a lot of bling for a guy who's only somewhat better than Bautista (better, yes, but not 6 mil better)

Ian H. said...

Damn Go Bots, and their lowered expectations.

Anonymous said...

well Giambi signed for real cheap. I think this wouldn't be a bad investment, even if in 2010 or 2011 he is used exclusively as a bench player.

Chris said...

My eye is wandering to the pic of Hazel Mae in the post below...

Anonymous said...

Is Petitte for one year-$12/13, too expensive?

Its a solid front end option for the rotation.


Torgen said...

If the Canadian dollar skyrockets, then maybe.