Monday, January 26, 2009

The Great Big Giant Pasty White Hope(TM) stays hungry

Amidst a rather depressing week of downcast season ticket holder confabs and inscrutable front office firings, we're in dire need of a reason for optimism for this coming season. Which is why it warms our chilled heart to read this story from the Everett (WA) Daily Herald on Travis Snider's personal outlook for 2009.

Sure, every player worth his salt is going to come out and say that he's not resting on his laurels for the coming season. But there's something about Snider's tone (assuming we're reading this right) that gives us a bit of that hope thing that's been going around lately.

"J.P. told me, 'You had a good showing up here and we're proud of the way you handled yourself, but be hungry. Come in ready to compete.' That's always been my attitude toward these kinds of things, and I'm just excited to have the opportunity."

You stay hungry, kid. (Just lay off the barbecue.)

Now if only there was some inspirational story about Adam Lind's off season progress out there, we might be able to sleep well again.


eyebleaf said...

I am excited as fuck about a full season of Snider and Cito.

This is the kids' year. The Jays will surprise.

The Ack said...

Bill James has Lind at something like .300-25-100 as far as an old-school stat line goes (from memory...give me another month or two to memorize the handbook).

I've never hoped so hard for a Red Sox employee/consultant to be right in my life.

Anonymous said...

maybe if he can learn how to hit something other than fastballs

Robert said...

I read this today through Rob Neyer's blog... this did not make me feel too comfortable. However, I remain optimistic

The Southpaw said...

My brain says "temper expectations for the young hitters"

My heart says "Fuck yeah!!!"


There's got to be SOME room for just being a fan. So long as you don't let it make you silly.