Monday, April 7, 2008

A smashing start to the season

So that wasn't scary at all, was it?

The joint was still buzzing on Sunday from the Prime Minister of Defense's jaw-dropping play to throw out Dustin Pedroia from his stomach. (It looked to us like Pedroia was safe but who are we to question the umpire when he makes a call in favour of our team?)

And then, moments later, we see our Gold Glove calibre shortstop and our Gold Glove winning centerfielder colliding while laying out at top speed to snag a Kevin Youkilis blooper. While the two lay motionless on the turf for what seemed like an eternity, visions of Vernon's prolonged absence from the lineup flashed through our mind like a fever dream. Thankfully, both stayed in the game and appear to be fine.

And from this moment of panic came a moment of levity in the ninth. After a similar pop-up was hit to just about the same area, and the entire stadium collectively held its breath as McDonald furiously waved everyone off to make the catch, the big screen showed Vernon and the PMoD sharing a laugh at the fact that they had managed to avoid a demolition derby in the outfield this time.

We're glad they could laugh, because we're going to be on edge about injuries all freakin' season.

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Joanna said...

I think Lexi's face says it all.