Friday, April 11, 2008

The Farm Fresh Report

After an ugly series like the one that just finished against Oakland, it's time to cast our eyes to the next generation of Jays, if only to keep ourselves from doing something rash. Like tossing ourselves out the window. (Then again, since we are like all bloggers and writing this from our parents' basement, throwing defenestrating ourselves out and up onto street level isn't a very effective way to deal with our frustrations.)

First, allow us to introduce the experts
You may have seen this posted elsewhere, but we'd be remiss if we didn't tip our retro caps to Dave Rouleau and Marc Hulet for the bang-up job that they are doing with their new electronic magazine Behind the Dish. Blogging for shits and giggles is fun, but the BTD dudes are doing an excellent job of taking on real reportage on the Blue Jays' farm system. You can find the first two issues here, and they are worth your time, especially as we try to determine who is going to get the call to salvage our hopes and dreams for a playoff season. We highly recommend it.

Adam Lind makes his case
Obviously, these are early days, but Adam Lind is flat out raking in the first week-plus of the season. With two homers, nine RsBI and a gaudy 1.259 OPS over the first eight games of the season, one has to wonder how long the Jays can keep him in the 'Cuse.

David Purcey might be a good pitcher
Making the case that he should be the first hurler to get the call when the inevitable pitching staff DL stint arrives, David Purcey has been stellar through his first two starts in Triple-A. In 12 innings, he's struck out 14 (against four walks), allowed two earned runs (for a 1.50 ERA) and is rocking a 1.00 WHIP.

On the other hand
There's that other left hander, Ricky Romero. Sigh. Yeah, sure, it was one bad game at Double-A, but still. Sigh.

Travis Snider can still hit
Three doubles and two homers (and a stolen base!) so far for our Great White Hope.

How are things on the farm?
  • Syracuse: 3-5, taking on Rochester and Buffalo next week.
  • New Hampshire: 0-6 (yikes), taking on Connecticut and New Britain.
  • Dunedin: 6-2 (first place in their division!), taking on Tampa and Clearwater.
  • Lansing: 6-1 (first place in their division too!), taking on Cedar Rapids and Burlington.


Navin Vaswani said...

thanks for the farm report, Tao. Lind is killing it!!!!!!!!1

Andrew said...

The Behind the Dish magazines are fantastic so far... I hope they keep it up. I really liked the scouting reports on the Latin players the Jays brought north this year.

I figure AJ is due for a stay on the DL around May 25th and if Purcey is still dealing then we will see what he's got. I mean he's a leftie and he's not walking many so he should have no problem keeping a job.

Michael Seff said...

I'll always think of Ricky Romero as the wasted pick taken ahead of Troy Tulowitzki in the draft.