Friday, April 25, 2008

Scott Rolen is Third Base Jesus

He turns water into VitaminWater.

He turns runners in scoring position into runs scored.

He turns spiraling last place teams into contenders.

The Blue Jays' saviour hath come at last. He is the way and the light.

(For our sakes, he godamned well better be.)

Speaking of Geezus: Ever notice how much Blairsy likes to use the word "Geezus". On the radio and on the blog. All the time. Geezus Geezus Geezus. It's actually kinda fun to hear, because he usually pulls it out at the height of exasperation, and puts a lot of energy into it. And when you watch PTS on TV, you get the added dimension of seeing the simultaneous cringe, sneer, shoulder shrug and head tilt that make the whole thing a bit of a performance piece. Watching Blairsy exclaim "Geezus" is like watching John Olerud swing a bat.

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Darren Priest said...

Scott Rolen was definitely third base Jesus when he left Philly for the Cards, but I doubt there will be a McFarlane toy of Scott Rolen in a Blue Jays uni.

And, of course, the existence of a McFarlane toy for a particular player is the measure by which all must be judged.