Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Enough with the monkeyshines! Let's play some frickin' baseball!

How many Opening Days can we handle before we lose our goddamned mind?

Globe Junior MacLeod says that the weather is promising, but he didn't really say what it was promising. The Weather Channel (not to be mistaken for our own Weather Network, the former home of the Sportsnet anchorthingy Martine Gaillard) is calling for wicked gusts of wind and a chance of lightning.

Given the Blue Jays' luck over the past year, we're not sure that we want to see Alex Rios patrolling the outfield in a lightning storm, lest he end up like this guy.

Drunken Sloppy Livebloggage
The Drunk Jays Fans have reassembled to give the liveblogging another try tonight. God help them if tonight's game gets washed out, because even their herculean livers are going to start breaking down if they do three consecutive nights of considerable imbibing and considered blogging.

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