Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Double your misery

It's not just that they Jays are displaying an historic ineptitude in hitting with runners in scoring position this season. They're also wiping themselves out of innings by hitting into more double plays than any other team so far this season.

Worse still, it is the guys in the middle of the lineup that are doing most of the work producing outs for the other team rather than runs for their own. Vernon "Whipping Boy" Wells and Lyle Overbay have both ground into five twin killings apiece, while Shannon Stewart, Matt Stairs and Scrappy-Doo Eckstein have each grounded into four.

And just for good measure, Frank Thomas ground into three while he was still here.

It's one thing to get guys on base - the Jays are still posting a respectable .342 OBP, fourth in the AL - but seriously, and for fuck's sake, they've gotta stop with this, or we might just go batty.


Andrew said...

The Jays have 37 so far... The Twins with the .303 team OBP have 30. The White Sox have 26 with their .335 and Boston has 32 with their league leading .356 OBP. I'd rather have our 4th worst offense over the Twins 3rd worst offense any day. With the way league pitching has been going with the strike out or ground out, the twin killing is very, very common.

It doesn't make it any less terrible, but at least Frank Thomas isn't clogging the base paths for Aaron Hill to be a top 10 in GIDP.

halejon said...

I really think you could have made that last, totally legitimate point without using the term "clogging the basepaths"...

Tao of Stieb said...

We were assuming he was being ironic...let's hope so.

Andrew said...

I was being ironic... they were Mexicans!!

/south park.