Monday, November 16, 2009

A One-Sentence Post on...Brandon Phillips

Further to Blair's floated notion this morning, we've got mad love for Brandon Phillips, even if he's never played a major league game at third, and he's only once OPSed higher than .800 in his career.


Tony said...

Admit it: it's because he wears his hat slightly askew, like a certain ex-Jay infielder...

eyebleaf said...

Phillips wears his hat like it should be worn: slightly gangster.

The Ack said...

Strangely, I also covet Phillips, but does it make sense for a rebuilding club to bring in a "big money" guy with 2 years left on his deal?

How about we work a blockbuster with the Reds instead:

"Look, we'll take Phillips' salary off your hands, and we'll even throw in Romero/Rzep, but you're going to have to include Joey Votto in the deal. OK? OK."

bingo bango bongo. done and done.

haim said...

spending more time with confident & wise ball/players may assure you ..

Mark said...

There's no point in bringing in Phillips to play 3B. That's below average production and it'd be a waste of resources. I mean, he's making 6.75 next year, 11 in 2011 and club option @ 12 mil for 2012. That's a lot of cash for a below average 3B. It'd be like Rolen in 2008 all over again.

Now, if the Jays weren't gonna re-sign Scutaro, and wanted to play Phillips @ SS where he came up through the farm and was a plus defender at SS, I'd be interested. Well, interested might not be the right word cause he couldn't buy a walk, but I wouldn't mind Phillips as the SS. Yeah, there's always a risk that he can't play SS anymore after playing 2B for so long - but it'd be better than playing him @ 3rd.

Dude's got a 98 OPS+ and a 324 OBP between 06-09 in Cinci...that's just brutal production for a 3B.

So I guess I'm getting less interested the more I think about it :(.

Mark said...


Sorry if that wasn't clear - I know he wasn't a 3B in Cinci, but I meant if he was a 98 OPS+ guy in Toronto as the 3B it'd be brutal production. Obviously if he plays good D at 2B or SS that's a solid player.

Peter D said...

I agree, trading for Phillips to play 3B is just a bad idea. Sure I'll do it if it only cost the team Edwin Encarnacion, but I just don't see that being realistic.

What's next, trading for Ryan Doumit to play 1B?

The Ack said...

Yeah, it's tough to make the case when you strip away his 2B defensive value, fer sure.

But, let's not go downpouring on the parade. Change for the sake of change! Playoffs!

Tony Viner said...

Edwin Encarnacion will hit
.300/.350/.550/.900 with 35 HR in 2010, with +5 defense.

I will force Alex to start Mike McCoy at SS, and he will hit
.290/.400/.425/.825 with 40 SB.

I will also force Alex to start Brian Dopirak at 1B, where he will hit .300/.375/.550/.925 with 40 HR.

Randy Ruiz will hit .325/.350/.500/.850 with 30 HR and 50 2B at DH.

Adam Lind will play +10 defence in LF, as will Vernon and Snider.

Everyone in MLB will be talking about how handsome (and smart) I am. Including you.

Anonymous said...

tony, you are a legend. i can see it now. playoffs!

Peter D said...

Here's a quick complarison of the current Jays 3B offensive production vs. the acquisition of Phillips:

Player - Career Avg/OBP/SLG
Encarnacion - .260/.341/.448
Phillips - .265/.312/.430

So...why is this a good idea? I highly doubt it's because they suspect Phillips will be a gold glove calibre player at a position he's never played before.

eyebleaf said...

Tony Viner's my kind of cat. Playoffs!!1

Ian H. said...

Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but I don't think Phillips would be much of an upgrade at third compared to Encarnacion.

The offensive numbers are almost identical, Phillips defense is a little better - but that's at second base, not at third. Put him on the hot corner, and I say that Phillips and EE are just about even.

Tao of Stieb said...

Apparently, Tony is taking some time out from his CRTC presentation today to comment on the blog.

Welcome, Tony! Tell KVF I say hi!

As for Phillips, it must be my residual love of counting stats that makes him appeal to me.

Also, the idea of him at short...I just can't see it. He has never been a plus defender at short, and if someone thought he was, then why has he played five games there since reaching the big leagues?

Tony Viner said...

I thought it imperative to send my thoughts on my boys from the john from my smartphone.

We need no additions. I have built a winner.

I am ridiculously handsome. Ask Mike Wilner.

Darren Priest said...

You guys apparently follow baseball, so help me out: why do you want this guy? If there's one thing I am never looking for it's a 2B.

Mark said...

Where do you get that he's never been a plus defender @ SS? I'm not sure I've found any source that agrees with you.

Minorleague splits has his 05 season at positive 6 runs/150 games at SS. That was the last time Phillips played SS.

The reason he never played SS in the majors?

Cleveland had Visquel & Peralta @ SS when Phillips first came up. You don't move either of those guys for Phillips, a guy who hadn't proven he could hit.

In Cinci they had Alex Gonzalez - no, not the Jays one. The guy who's widely accepted as one of the better defensive SS's in the game. They signed him to be their SS, and because he was at SS they figured they might as well keep Phillips @ 2B.

He was originally a SS, and to the best I can tell was always thought to be a good defensive SS. He just wasn't going to push Peralta/Visquel/Gonzalez off of SS.

You can't use 5 games of SS to prove that he should never play SS. By that logic, Brett Cecil is a failure as a SP because he had 93 bad innings.

Tony Viner said...

Phillips will be a great backup for Mike McCoy, or vice-versa. I will instruct Alex to get him if he is available.

Handsome Tony

Ian H. said...

Plus, there's something very Orlando Hudson-esque about that smile of his.

Jays Balk said...

If he's got the arm to play third, as Jays' scouts seem to think, can he play short?

Darren Priest said...

I don't get why Blair likes this -- nor do I get why Tao likes it. None of the numbers (financial, offensive, [possibly]defensive) make sense.

I'd rather see them bring Scutaro back than get this guy.

Anonymous said...

The numbers make sense if he's paired up with a cheaper player, like Alonso.

Dane lorg said...

Bring me Alonso!

Tony Viner said...

I have tried to get Alonso. They won't budge.

We have Dopirak, he will be a star, and I will continue to look extremely handsome, and smart.

Mike McCoy will be our starting SS, and will blow your sox off!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Ricky Romero got Rick rolled in the AL East rookie of the year votes. Not a single vote. Terrible.

I didn't expect him to win, though he was in the thick of it until the last month, but to be completely ignored?

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