Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No more free barbecues

The Globe's Bobby McLeod reports that the Jays have put the kibbosh on the annual season ticket holder's barbecue in Dunedin.

We're shocked at the idea that the Jays are looking to create further cleavages between themselves and the most dedicated members of their fanbase at a time when they've come off one of their more spirit-crushing seasons and on the cusp of jettisoning their most beloved player since Tony Fernandez.

(And as an aside...wouldn't it be kinda cool if Doc kept coming back to Toronto every few years for a one more nostalgic run?)

We should probably be pretty upset and freaked out, except for the fact that we're a bit shocked that the Jays would foot the bill to fly several hundred season ticket holders to Dunedin and presumably put them up and feed them. If these folks can dish out thousands of dollars for season tickets, can't they find themselves their own flight and hotel for the night?

It sounds as thought the Jays are going to find other ways to pimp out their players to make nice with the season ticket holders. We're sure that there will be some consternation, but hopefully these types can hold back on the white whining a tad, given the current shite state of affairs in the world.

Other shite
-The's Bastian of Knowledge says that Alex Anthopoulos might allow a negotiation window to help increase the value of Doc. Which makes a sense.

-Beeston hints for the 3687th time that Gillick might come back in an advisory role. We'd love this move if Stand Pat's first advice was to turf the manager, just like he wanted to in 1994.

-MLB Trade Rumors has a great piece on the reaction to the Vernon Wells contract signing way back when. This will be a bigger, longer blog post for us eventually. Maybe.

-Also from MLBTR, it sounds like the Jays and Scoots are just a couple a crazy kids who want to be together. We've seen too many romantic comedies in our lifetime to figure that they won't somehow make things work out in the end.


Darren Priest said...

Looks like they will still get their BBQ but it will be on the field in the Rogers Centre. The free flight to FLA in March would be sweet though. Here's hoping Aaron Hill doesn't slip on a soggy hotdog bun in April.

The story is funny to read. The cost of season tickets on a per game basis is relatively cheap (approx $30/game). If I owned a business in TO, that would be a great way to show my clients how much I appreciate them (or have disdain for them--depending on your perspective).

eyebleaf said...

Clearly J.P. Ricciardi is still with the Blue Jays, and running the club's PR department.

Interesting notes on Scoots. He was offered contracts twice, during the season and after. He's right to test the market, though, for this chance to make serious bank will not come again.

Anonymous said...

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Darren Priest said...

Gee, anon, I've seen more specificity in a middle school book report.

Did you forget the link to your blog/product?

Ian H. said...

Out of all the invites that are sent out for this BBQ in Dunedin, I wonder what percent of season ticket holders actually show up? 30 percent?

They probably scrapped it to 1.) save cash and 2.) save the embarrassment of only having 20 people show up.

Tao of Stieb said...

I thought the article said that it was around 600 people who took them up on the offer.

One thing that this means: No CityTV broadcast of a pre-season game. Thank god for that.

eyebleaf said...

But I love hard-hitting journalism like Kathryn Humphries asking Alex Rios if he changes diapers...


"You're a bum, Alex!"

Now that I think about it, that might have been the highlight of the season.

Peter D said...

Yankee's inquiring about Halladay

Tony Viner said...

I had to stop the BBQ. I need to pay the salaries of all the Rule 5 guys we will be picking up in the coming days. They aren't cheap. (plus Vernon will make $23 million in 2011, so, you know.)

We will field the best AAAA team ever this season. These cheap contributors flock to my cheap, handsome self.

Anonymous said...

Question: Can Tony Viner not post a comment without referring to himself and just how handsome he is?

brainiac said...

Have I mentioned how big his hands are? He could crush you with both his hands OR his handsomeness...

Tao of Stieb said...

Frankly, Tony Viner isn't as handsome as his brother, Peter.

Anonymous said...

That is not what your darling mother inferred, young man.

McCoy SS
Dopirak 1B
Hill 2B
Lind LF
Ruiz DH
Snider RF
Wells CF
Encarnacion 3B
Phillips C




I will trade Downs, Tallet, Frasor, League, Accardo, Camp, Halladay, Overbay and Purcey.

This is my team. I built it. I will enjoy watching it win 85 + games.


A handsome man.

Anonymous said...

3 WAY Trade:

TOR, SD, and ?

take prospects from team that gets Halladay and send them to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez...Why is that so unrealistic...why?

Anonymous said...

3 WAY Trade:

TOR, SD, and ?

take prospects from team that gets Halladay and send them to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez...Why is that so unrealistic...why?


Morrissey said...

Go read DJF for a outline of how sad this franchise will be next year -- at least Douche Parkes made the case for bloggers. Maybe Tao and Ack will be granted inside access.

It's really sad. Soul crushing almost. Give the asylum over to the inmates. It's really laughable...

Ha ha hahaha ha hahaha haha

Moneypuck said...

This comment from the MLBTR post was amazing,

"When I saw the title of this story I thought the Jays gave him another contract extension. I almost cried."

Anonymous said...

@ Moz, sorry, but no. I've read the DJF a few times, and I'd rather not read them again. I'm not terribly that much into blogs where who is writing the story/blog post is more important than the story/post itself. Besides, I'd rather not be reminded of how 'dumb' I am by their masthead.

For me, the DJF are a misguided cult of personality first, a sports blog second. I'd rather read a blog where the priorities are reversed.

Stedron said...

You said "cleavage."

Morrissey said...

Having said that (in a bit of a snit, mind you) I suspect Tao would do quite well should he pursue the access of a professional journalist.

You're the one for me, fatty!

The Ack said...

I don't think I'd want access even if it was offered, nor would I do this for a profit, to be honest. And that's not to slander or belittle - in any way - anyone who does.

My whole thing is I'm just a fan, man. I'm not behind the curtain, and I'm not even going to pretend I'm a pro (or even that I'm any good at this, really). I just feel like if those variables changed, maybe I'd start to feel differently about things and not find it as enjoyable.

So, yeah.

Darren Priest said...

I don't think I'd want to be a sports writer either. Because even though it seems like it would be awesome to interview Roy Halladay, I'd probably get assigned to the women's ski jumping or X-Games beat. No, my dream job remains being a member of Will.I.Am's posse -- so I can punch Perez Hilton in the face.

REAN said...

Reason number 101 is elected to the Topps AA all-star team...

REAN said...

Sorry for the half-link - that article is from the Business of Baseball... feature story yesterday (Thursday)

Anonymous said...

Rean, even though I've never seen him play, I'm cheering for Dopirak to succeed. If an Overbay trade is still in play somewhere than AA is surely a believer as well.

Since Sir Paul no longer posts, would it be possible to request 'Rockit' by Herbie Hancock? Yeah, it's not rock per se, but it does embrace the spirit of the genre, that is that one has "to rock" and "it", whatever that it may be.

REAN said...

You Herbie Hancock-blocked me! I was gonna request some Hancock to warm the Hancockles of my heart...

andy mc said...

It drives me crazy that nobody recognizes the fact that Dopirak isn't even 26 yet. Sure, he had a couple injuries stall his rise to the bigs, but he seems READY now.

The Jays will have him for his "natural" prime (26-28) and hopefully more. I see him breaking out in a big way in 2010.

Riccardi may have found another diamond in the rough, if you ask me.

Also, don't Hassle the Hoff.