Thursday, September 24, 2009

A man defeated?

"The biggest thing that people forget is that when Toronto won the World Series, they had the highest payroll in baseball. There's a direct equivalent to that. If we're going to play in the big man's division, and we're not going to spend that money, it's going to be really hard for us to compete with those teams."

So says the much maligned - and unfairly, I would add - Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi this week. I'd made a personal pledge to stop reading into every utterance from Jays management, but this is too easy. Ricciardi sounds frustrated - frustrated at the lack of direction he's been given, frustrated at the "payroll flexibility" mandate, and frustrated that the promising team he'd assembled has now gone straight to shit (how's that for grammar? FAIL). In short, he sounds like us.

He also sounds like a man with one foot out the door, whether by his own desire or someone else's. Evidently, he's not part of "The Plan" (TM). So whaddya got for us, Beeston? I sure hope it's a little more than offering up Ricciardi as a sacrificial lamb. Tell me there's more to it than that, Beest. Because unless you're simply aiming to please the typical asshat JaysTalk caller, that's not going to be enough.

Blogger seeks assistance in locating missing slugger
Has anyone seen Randy Ruiz? He can be described as follows:
  • May or may not be a part of the 2010 Blue Jays baseball club. Insufficient evidence to evaluate at this time.
  • Currently sporting an .878 OPS with 7 HR in 95 AB at the Major League Level.
  • Portly, but in a fun way.
  • Was the organization's AAA player of the year.
  • Has only seen 8 at-bats in the last week.
  • Ostensibly sits behind Jose Bautista and Kevin Millar on the depth chart.

If you have any information as to this man's whereabouts, please pass along any and all tips to Cito Gaston. Evidently, he can't find him either.


SP said...

Red meat for the JP apologist crowd. Thanks, Ack!

- Chief JP Apologist, Scrapheap Relievers Division

Joanna said...

Fuck 'unfairly'.

David said...

Fuck Cito.

The Ack said...

I'm enjoying the defiant tone. You can just see him strolling into Nadir's office and telling him to go fuck himself over his bullshit payroll.

Kinda like when class act Bill Koch didn't bother looking for another major league job after the Jays cut him, instead choosing to let the Jays pay his salary for sittin' around. Not that he would have found a job if he'd bothered to look.

eyebleaf said...

Wrong, Joanna. Still. It's a shame.

Long live J.P. Ricciardi.

Anonymous said...

What about the Rays? After more than a decade of futility, they built a championship calibre team for -- one season. It can be done. The exception does not prove the rule, the exception is the rule, don't cha know.

If only we could find a baseball genius like Brian Cashman. The Yankees have made the playoffs 14 of the past 15 seasons due to his clever signings and brilliant management.

So, once JP is out the door, his likely successor is...his assistant GM? I guess we're supposed to think he has all these great notes that JP refused to read?

Anonymous said...

The Jays are actually pretty close to being a serious contender... if we just signed CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and AJ Burnett, I mean shit, we'd look like a pretty legit team

Anonymous said...

Brian Cashman? Clever signings? Brilliant management? And here I thought satire was dead.

Anonymous said...

No, satire is very much alive. I guess I should have included a ; )

Joanna said...

It's not unfair. He is the guy making decisions, and the decisions haven't led to winning. The front office in general is no better, but that doesn't mean JP is off the hook.

This love of JP is really quite concerning, guys. Maybe seek help.

Anonymous said...

I don't love JP, but I doubt his successor will do any better if the only thing that changes is the GM. Bring back Gord Ash!

plain_g said...

i like this quote re: rr cool jay -
"You know what?" Ricciardi said. "You need a wheelbarrow to take his balls to the mound. That's how big they are."

Ian H. said...

In that article, is basically sounded like he's giving the Blue Jays the finger saying "try and find somebody else who can do better with an 80 million dollar payroll". I guess the writing is on the wall for J.P.







Ty said...

I don't love JP, but I doubt his successor will do any better if the only thing that changes is the GM. Bring back Gord Ash!

But don't we already know that's not the case? I thought that a big part of the reason JP was expected to be fired was because Beeston will presumably be naming his successor, who will then bring in his own GM. I'd like to see Cito gone as much as anybody else, but we're also getting a new president, so we can at least be sure it's not just going to be a new GM coming in.

Brad Fullmer Fan said...

I've never had a major problem with JP Ricciardi as a GM. Most of the moves he makes actually make sense, and he had the right strategy for winning in this division (cheap pitching and defensive upgrades). There are quite a few other GMs in the league that are just complete idiots (ie. Dayton Moore).

Honestly, there's a lot of potential for us to hire an even worse GM when he's gone.

eyebleaf said...

Anonymous nailed it:

I don't love JP, but I doubt his successor will do any better if the only thing that changes is the GM.

That's the whole bloody point we've been trying to make, Joanna.

Anonymous said...

I'm with BFF.

Jayszone93 said...

JP hasn't done that poorly a job, he just rubs the TO media the wrong way and they have taken the task of bad mouthing him at every turn. At some point the players have to perform. The Jays pythag. record has been WAY better than there actual record the past 3-4 seasons. They have not performed the way they should, period.

Anonymous said...


1) Nobody cares what you, or your dad thinks.

2) Even if they did, they would realize the pure absurdity of your opinions.

3) Your blog highlights that the "girls know sports" thing is glaringly false.

Thanks for coming out. Not.

Joanna said...

Do you feel like a big man now?

Stephen said...

Hey Anonymous,

Since you're (by definition) nobody, please keep the worthless and misogynistic garbage inside your head, where only you can hear it.
And don't interrupt the adults when we're having a conversation.