Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Double misery

We probably spent about five hours yesterday listening to portions of the Jays doubleheader against the Rangers. And somewhere in the middle innings of the second game, we tore the ear buds out, turned off the radio and took the rest of the night off.

We needed to find something more cheerful to do with our life, so we flipped through the PVR and found an episode of Intervention to watch, because observing teenagers destroy their lives before the cameras is really a pick-me-up after that much time spent with the Blue Jays.

We keep telling ourselves that we're going to miss baseball in a month's time, and that we're going to be sad once the season is over. But at this rate, with 75 wins turning into a lofty target, we just want to get to the off season and see this organization make some sort of effort to right itself.

They just need to sort everything out: Sort out the presidency. Sort out the front office. Sort out the on-field staff. Sort out the roster.

Sort all that out, and give us a reason to believe that 2010 isn't going to be a season-long march towards mediocrity.

A second thought or two on September callups
It might have been a bit unfair to rip on yesterday's callups in the manner that we did. We didn't realize that the minor league season had another full week to it, so it is possible that the Jays will eventually find room for a few more bodies on the active roster after this weekend.

Let's hope so.

Also, we should note that we're happy to see Dirk Hayhurst get the call. He pitched well while he was here, even though Cito generally used him only sporadically and in blowouts. We'd like to see him back as a bullpen arm next year. Our frustration comes from seeing the return of the marginal pitching stylings of Brian Wolfe, and the insistence that this team has in believing in magical voodoo of Joe Inglett.

We've grown incredibly tired of Inglett and his spunkiness, and we don't believe as many do that he's some sort of José Oquendo Utility Dude. In our view, Inglett's a second baseman and nothing else. He is more than willing to grab a mitt and play anywhere on the diamond, but he's not suited to play anywhere but second. And we've already got a perfectly capable second sacker.


eyebleaf said...

30 seconds of waterboarding, or 6 hours STRAIGHT of shitty Blue Jays baseball called by Jamie Campbell and Rance Mulliniks. What are you taking?

Darren Priest said...

"perfectly capable second sacker"

That's fun to say. It sounds dirty. I think I'll add it to my resumé -- even if it isn't true.

plaing said...

what do you guys think of taking a flier on john buck for next year?

eyebleaf said...

Tao, your thoughts on Wilner's take re: Rolen.

I'm a sucker, and perhaps it doesn't matter b/c Rolen went out and played his ass off, but he's no longer the GBOAT to me.

Anonymous said...

From an article in today's Sun, Adam Lind's girlfriend is Lakeyshia Bertie from Richmond Hill:

And here's her facebook picture (with Lind in it):

The Ack said...

Nobody's asking me, but you know what I think about the Rolen situation?

I think it sucks to hear that he may have dissed being a Blue Jay/Toronto/Canada/whatever - I mean, we all have some pride, right?....but we were happy when he was doing the same thing to St. Louis, weren't we?

Maybe it's just Scott Rolen being Scott Rolen. I dunno. I usually get worked up about these things, but right now I'm just....meh.

I'm more interested in the Rotoworld sidebar that says Cito has aleady annointed the 2010 rotation as Doc/replacement, Marcum, Romero, Cecil, RZep, with a possible Litsch sighting mid-season.

Thanks for coming out, Scott Richmond. And no mention of the Ghost of Dustin McGowan. That hurts, man.

Anonymous said...

Cito's proclamation is particularly stunning coming on the heals of his last proclamation that he wouldn't be managing next year.

As for Inglett, he's capable of not making outs 35% of the time in this league, which is suitable to me if some manager other than Cito wants to take some leveraged at-bats away from E5 or [insert crappy catcher here].

Anonymous said...

Bottom line about the Rolen thing is that Wilner is the source.

In other words, pretty worthless

eyebleaf said...

Wilner's got a helluva lot more access than we do. Rolen could have sucked it up for three fucking months and walked out of town. I think it's bullshit. But, whatever, we've got E5 now. Let's focus on him.

And I saw that rotation as well. I thought the same thing about McGowan. He really is the forgotten man. Poor guy. Poor us. Fuck.

Anonymous said...

Wilner may have access but he's also a Rogers employee that always defends management.

He's a fucking hack and a mouthpiece.

eyebleaf said...

I respectfully disagree. Being unhappy and being an ass is clearly part of Rolen's M/O. I shouldn't have been so surprised about the revelations.

Anonymous said...


So, you believe it because you want it to be true. You don't question Wilner's laughable integrity nor do you question why it's only him reporting this.

Okay then

Anonymous said...

Leaving Rolen's attitude aside, you guys were kidding when you were calling him the GBOAT, right?

Torgen said...

McGowan isn't forgotten--I distinctly remember how over his career is.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off about shitting on Inglett. He wasn't 100 percent healthy during his first call-up when he was getting over a hamstring injury and he had an 8 game hitting streak when he was demoted last month.

Jesus, Inglett's not the biggest fucking problem on this club. Fuck sakes, do you have cute puppies too?

Anonymous said...

Fuck sakes, do you have cute puppies too?

I meant hate. Ah, fuck it. Look, if I want to read dumb-assed shit, I'll go to that Jays fans for dummies website DJF!