Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Rock Out - Okkervil River's Pop Lie

Are you like us? Do you enjoy a bit of the rock n' roll?

Here's a Friday treat to help kick this work week in the shins and slap the weekend on the ass.

Enjoy a bit of the Okkervil River as they blow the roof off the dump on Letterman.

"All sweetly sung and succintly stated
Words and music you calculated.
To make you sing along
With your stereo on"


Lloyd the Barber said...

I went to some afterparty DJ'd by a guy in this band once. It was weird, the bar sold kingcans of Old Milwaukee.

I used to cool things, alas I am cool no more.

Anonymous said...

nice piece....i may have to pick it up....i haven't picked up a new album in at least a decade.