Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline Snoozerama

We should probably be a little more excited about today's non-waiver trade deadline, but somehow, the fact that our team will stay mostly on the sidelines today has us less than thrilled.

Not that we want the Jays to trade just for the sake of it. After all, you can't expect them to go out and acquire David Segui every year.

Although there may not be much movement from the home side, we'll be checking out Tim Dierkes' indispensable MLB Trade Rumors on and off today just for the hell of it. It already appears as though a few blockbusters are in the making (including the Manny-induced Bosox-Pirates-Marlins extravaganza and the shocking Griffey to the White Sox trades.)

By the end of the day, we might even learn to drop the "u" out of "rumours" in our occasional searches for news.

Why wouldn't you want Aubrey Huff?
Sure, the Jays already have lots of left-handed batters whose best position is batters box, but we're as surprised as Dierkes is that no one (including the Jays) is showing any interest the Baltimore DH. We're not sure that it would make much sense to cough up a prospect for Huff at this point in a season that will optimistically end a few games over .500. Still, a guy with 22 HRs and a .916 OPS would have to add something to the lineup.


Cubs Fan said...

Have you noticed Reed Johnson is 10 for his last 23?

eyebleaf said...

Have you noticed that no one gives a shit about Reed Johnson around here?

Adam. Fucking. Lind.

Torgen said...

Johnson is still an upgrade over Wilkerson, but so too would be Wayne Lydon or Buck Coats (probably), and they'd be equally cheap.

cubs fan said...

Johnson is an upgrade over Wilkerson, Mench, and Stewart (who didn't see an extended DL stint coming this year?) Believe me, I was very pleased the day TO cut him loose and the Cubbies signed him...he's played solid ball for them. But alas, you guys have Adam Lind. I'm green with envy.