Monday, July 14, 2008

All-Star Breakin'

Dudes! It's the All-Star Extravaganza!

This is where we separate ourselves from the majority of hacks out there. You won't hear us bitching about this element of the Midseason Classic, or about who got snubbed or what guy got voted in by the obviously stupid stupid stupid stupid corrupt inept fans who shouldn't be allowed to pick the starters because they are stupid and have no access and are stupid and don't really know what's going on with the game of baseball because they are stupidly ignorant to all of the stuff that the writers and broadcasters know through their access but that they don't pass on to the fans because they are too stupid to get it and therefore shouldn't even be allowed to watch the game.

And moreover, you won't hear us complain that the game sucks because it's stupid because it doesn't count but then it counts but it shouldn't count because it doesn't count.

Those guys try to take the fun out of everything.

We love the All-Star Game. Some nights, when we close our eyes, we still see Fred Lynn hammering that Atlee Hammaker pitch into the seats at old Comiskey Park for the only grand slam in All-Star Game history.

Or our patron saint Dave Stieb getting the start in 1983 and 1984. (Sadly, it sounds as though Cliff Lee's mirage-like first half will lead to him getting the start for the AL this year over Roy Halladay.)

We remember sitting in anticipation as they went through the introductions, waiting for the Blue Jays representatives to be introduced. (Hey look! It's Jesse Barfield! Tony Fernandez! The Shaker, Lloyd Moseby!)

Tell me that doesn't count for something.


mathesond said...

Another thing from that Fred Lynn game - Stieb started,a nd struck out the side despite giving up 2 (or was it 3?) runs in the first, and the announcers were wondering if he would tie/break Hubbell's streak of 6 consecutive K's

Cincinnatus C. said...

I remembered him giving up an unearned run in the first, and retrosheet confirms that was the only run he gave up in his three innings.