Thursday, July 24, 2008

You say goodbye, and we say hello

Goodbye, Jesse
And so it has come to pass. Our favorite round, pink and efficient member of the Jays' starting staff has been sent back to Syracuse to ride the buses and find his stuff again. After a an unbelievable 7-1, 3.18 ERA start to the season, our favorite round mound has been overmatched since the beginning of June (1-6, 6.12 ERA).

We like Lil' Litschy as much as the next guy, but this demotion is probably for the better. The notion that he was ready to be a permanent fixture in the rotation as a 23 year-old was likely a bit overenthusiastic on the part of Jays fans and the front office. Let's hope that Jesse can drop a little poundage with the Chiefs and gets himself back on the right track. Hey, it worked for Roy Halladay once upon a time.

(Incidentally, we don't mean for the weight thing to come off as a cheap shot. Alan Ashby noted on the radiocast the other night that this is a concern for the front office, and that although he had slimmed down before the season, he's packed the weight back on and then some.)

The Jays, in an effort to maintain the all-important Ginger Factor on their 25-man roster, have recalled David Purcey to take a spot in the rotation.

Hello, Ack
Some of our more eagle-eyed readers might have noticed a new name to the list of contributors to the blog.

Since we started the blog about 15 months ago, we've received plenty of inquiries from people wanting to contribute along with us. Usually, we ignore such requests, but occasionally, our advice to anyone wanting to contribute has been as follows:

1) Be desireless
2) Be a commenter
3) Be excellent

Having fully met these requirements, it is our pleasure to introduce The Ack as the new Weekend Editor.

(We're not sure about the title, actually. We were thinking Associate Adjuct Assistant to the Editor, but we'll settle these things before we order any business cards.)

Having demonstrated a keen wit, a sharp tongue and a willingness to agree with us no matter how indefensible our position may be, we believe that The Ack will provide you with the high levels of insight and snark that have become the hallmark of our blog.

Give it up for The Ack, everyone! He'll be here all weekend. Try the veal.


Stoeten said...

Nice! Welcome aboard Ack!

Stoeten said...

Also, some will argue that Roy is a ginger. They'd be wrong, but they'll still argue it.

The Ack said...
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The Ack said...

Thanks dude.

This doesn't mean your rid of me in your comments section, though. That's where I'll unleash the stuff that doesn't make it through the Tao's censors.

Tao of Stieb said...

The uprising begins.

Is it too early to place you on double secret probation?

Torgen said...

Well it wouldn't really be a secret anymore, would it?

Tao of Stieb said...

Gah! Foiled again!

Joanna said...

stoeten, Doc's a ginger in the english sense, not a ginger in the south park sense. try to keep up.

tao, i'm impressed you get emails.

MK Piatkowski said...

All though the Tampa start, it was obvious that Doc's a ginger in the English sense. I can't believe those who disagree.

eyebleaf said...

welcome aboard, ack! and by the way, the veal is fucking great