Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bring on the Rays

So, it wasn't a sweep, but at least we aren't going home hungry (and I swear, no more Meatloaf references from me, I promise). There's just something about dropping the third game of a series after taking the first two that leaves you a little dissatisfied though - yes? Watching the game today left me feeling like the team came in hoping for 2 out of 3, and having won the first two, put it on cruise control for the finale (like me and this post - HEYYYYOOO).

Shaun Marcum had a so-so outing - much better than his first start off the DL, but he still doesn't look all the way back, does he? He looks like he's dropped 1 or 2 MPH from his fastball, and where was his breaking ball? Oh, and Johnny Mac - clearly on the juice. Scotty Rolen - not so much. He's putting on a defensive clinic at the hot corner every time out, but offensively, it would be nice to see him really start putting a charge in the ball, wouldn't it? And does it seem like I'm asking a lot of questions? Seems a little excessive. Sorry.

Statement series on deck
We've got Tampa rolling into town for a 3 game set, and you can bet that both clubs will be looking to make a statement this series. For the Jays, coming off series wins against fairly shitty Baltimore and uber-shitty Seattle, this is a chance to show that the team can get it done against a contending ballclub. For the Rays, it's a chance to bury the Jays and put some distance between them and the Red Sox (and surging Yankees). For Joe Maddon, it's a chance to confirm that he really is the huge prick he made himself out to be the last time the teams met, and I'm sure he won't disappoint.

That's a wrap
Heading into this rookie weekend of posting, my goal was to try and be entertaining, and at least give you something to read. My fear - posting a steaming pile of nothing and turning people off the Tao. I guess that remains to be seen, but I had a good time doing it and unless the ToS pulls the plug on this experiment (probably justifiably), I'll be back next weekend. Until then, we'll return you to your regularly scheduled quality blogging.


bs said...

fuck joe maddon. thats all i got

eyebleaf said...

you did good, ack, you did good. trust it. i think you're the perfect fit for ToS. like kenny smith said about vince carter (when i liked him): "he's got the swagger!"

it's a shame marcum got hurt. the guy was pitching so fucking crazy. i live in markham. and i love marcum.

i'm really looking forward to this series against tampa. i'm going to head out to the dome tomorrow night. it might be A.J.'s final start in blue jays digs, after all.

Dave said...

I'm pretty sure the Rays made a pact to fight everyone in the division.

The Ack said...

keep your eye on Jimmy Shields tonight - he's never been afraid of putting one in someone's back.

The Ack said...

^^ a baseball, that is. I can't really comment on the guy's personal life.