Friday, October 1, 2010

That's a nice pitchers park you built, Minny...

...It's a shame for you that the Jays had to go gangsterin' all over it last night and inflate its park factor in the space of a few innings.

If you're like us, you might have found yourself thinking halfway through the Jays' thorough thrashing of the Twins that there's no way that the Twins could ever hang in the AL East. And moreover, that you're sick of all this horseshit about how the Twins play the game "the right way." And that right way, so far as we could tell from last year's ALDS, involves running the bases with the wild abandon of chickens escaping from their coop; throwing the ball hither and yon around the park, but to no one in particular; and generally slapping at the ball and hoping for the best.

And all we can say to those stuffed shirt Twins boosters (in the MSM, in particular) is have fun coming up with your excuses for your early exit again this year.

Max Power!
José Bautista's latest bombs haven't shown up on the always entertaining Hit Tracker website, so we don't have the height and distance and angle and speed of last night's homers. (But if you wanna look, check here. BOOM!) We're not sure which we found more impressive: The grand slam moonshot or Bautista's first opposite field dinger for his 54th of the season.

Either way, it will be an immensely satisfying exhibition to dream about as we head into the long off season to come. And it gives us hope that the show will not stop any time soon. Because we're always happiest when our Dinger Monkey dances on command. More dingers, Dinger Monkey!

(And none of this even starts in on Travis Snider's emergence over the past few weeks. Which has been pretty fun to watch. Dingers of C.C. still count, even if they happen to land in September.)

Friday Rock Out - The Hold Steady's "Chips Ahoy!"
Hey man, we don't wanna bag on Minnesota too much, because we feel a bit of a kinship to them. (Okay, that might be a bit disingenuous. But go with it. We're trying to be nice. And we have a weak spot for Jason Kubel, there's that.)

Anyways, here are some of Minnesota's favourite sons...and since we couldn't find a Replacements song where the embedding was disabled, this isn't a bad second choice.

Enjoy the last weekend of the baseball regular season, kids.


J Christopher said...

Not going to complain about a Hold Steady clip, in lieu of a 'Mats track. Could have been Prince, I guess.

plain_g said...

This was my fav: ""Swinging out of their shoes is kind of an understatement, actually," Pavano said. "But they've done it all year and it's been successful in helping them put up big numbers. Whether it's helped them as a team -- they're going home on Sunday."

plain_g said...

Twinkies are going to the playoffs because they play small ball, not because they play in the al central.

Anonymous said...

plain_g - You think the Twins would be in the playoffs if they played in the East?

They'd be lucky to be .500.

You. Are. Insane.

(great quote from Pavano though)