Monday, October 4, 2010

Hugs all around on the close of another year

So, hands up those of you who had 85 wins in the one?

The Jays finish at 85-77, ten games out of the playoffs and 11 back of the AL East title. They never lost more than five games in a row, and never fell more than two games below .500.

We'll have the full winter to go back through the entrails of the season that has passed - and with six months of darkness and cold, you gotta know that we're going to want to think back kindly on the warmer days - so we're not going to go through a full debrief at this point.

But if we could sum it all up in one thought, it would be this: This season was never boring, rarely discouraging, and often enthralling. And as we enter into the long off-season, we are filled with more anticipation for the year to come than at any time in recent memory.

Thank you cards for everyone
We're not sure what Emily Post would say about forgoing hand-written thank you cards in favour of a quick note at the bottom of a blog post, but we also doubt that she'd care for much of what we think of as polite and courteous. But seriously, fuck that bitch.

All this to say: Thank you all once again for reading, commenting, following, tweeting and retweeting, emailing, sharing your thoughts and generally encouraging me (us!) to keep on keeping on with this blog. I can tell you that this past year has offered me more personal and professional challenges that I had anticipated, and there were moments where I felt as though the blog had to take a backseat to what seem in those moments to be more pressing matters. But you readers/commenters were always on my mind, and I truly appreciate your ongoing patronage.

Also, big bro hugs to The Ack, without whom this blog would likely have devolved into an angry screed read only by myself and my team of therapists. Ack is pretty modest about his contributions around here, but I seriously couldn't keep this blog going without his help. His posts this season were amongst the most thoughtful and thought-provoking that I've read anywhere this season, and I feel lucky to have him as a contributor.

To one and all, I hope you had as much fun as I did this year.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

No, thank you.

And I had the Jays at 82 wins. When they better my expectations, you know they've had a great season.

KissMyPurpleButt said...

Yes a great season. Keep up the good work guys

Ian - BJH said...

I said 72-90, so I officially take it all back.

Thanks Tao and Ack for a season's worth of thought-provoking posts. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say this offseason.

Scott said...

Based on Snider becoming a 4 WAR player (next year!) I had the Jays at 75-80 wins. Who knew JB could be over 7!

Nice work on the season boys. Next year we can say: Playoffs! without being facetios.

Tony Viner said...


I repeatedly evinced that my team would shock the world, with 85 wins or more. I informed you that Jose would produce or find himself swinging a pick-axe in Central America (building one of my gas pipelines). He took that threat seriously.

It seems my artifice has paid off, for you my fans, and for that, you may thank me.

This is indeed, "just the beginning." I will be busy allocating my resources in a way that will improve my team, and offer hope to my fans for 90+ wins in 2011. Any less will be considered an abject failure, and you can count on me to get the job done.

Just remember, without such a stunning, spruce, sexy tycoon running the show from the top, your lives would be filled with anathema and despair. Instead, you can continue to thank Sweet Jesus for Handsome Tony Viner and his beauteous looks and witty schemes.

Expect nothing less than 90 wins in 2011, and more in 2012. I will deliver on my promise to return the Blue Jays to glory, and will go to any lengths, and spill any amount of blood to make it so.

Trust me,

Tony Viner

Nichols said...

Thanks for another season's worth of work and the entertaining reads.

Based off of AA's statement that the Jays will be aggressive on the trade market, it looks like the offseason could be eventful for you.

Mattt said...

Thanks for a great year and look forward to the offseason here.

peteybrigade said...

Thanks - you remain the best source for Blue Jays analysis in the blogosphere.

GSJays said...

Thank you guys for a great blog, its enjoyable to read your posts...I had the Jays at between 75-85 wins..I always thought the rotation would be better than expected, but I didn't think we'd go through the year without an injury to a main starter either..Of course they're still a ways away from competing, but damn they're fun and exciting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great blog. I found it mid way through the year and it became part of my daily reading. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading it during the winter days when all you try and look forward to spring.


SP said...

Thank you both for the great opinion blogging, always interesting tweetage, and the Hoe-down.

SP said...

By the way, I had them at 73 wins, but who the hell would've predicted no major injuries, a historic season by Beast, and for all of AA's moves to work out. I thought Buck and A-Gon were solid stop-gap pickups. I thought Gregg was unnecessary. They turned out to be much better that that. Now they'll result in 2 picks and Esco!

Steve G. said...

Speaking as your resident Red Sox fan, it's depressing to join you in "no playoffs land" this year. However, as usual, I enjoyed your blog immensely, along with the Blue Jay Hunter, and Sports and the City. Keep up the good work!

p.s. Has Stieb produced any male spawn yet? Maybe that's the ticket!

Kasi said...

I thought your comments about Drabek were interesting, in that you thought that he might be traded over the winter. If you want to go that far, why not go further? Is it possible that Snider gets traded? How about one of the big 4 starters, and not the one everyone thinks will be traded in Marcum? What if they traded Cecil? (Morrow I'd be hard pressed to find a situation to trade him, unless they got a big proven bat for him)

On that vein, is there anyone on this lineup that people think AA thinks of as untouchable? (Well other then Vernon Wells, har har) Maybe Romero since that is AA's first contract signing? Other then Romero I can't really think of any untouchables.

LGD said...

Thank you Tao and Ack. I am one of the legion of non-commenters who follow your superb work and I thought it might be nice to quickly emerge from the shadows to give a huge kudos to you and Ack. I am really looking forward to your thoughts as the off season progresses.