Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muy Gigante! The Clip Show!

(This post is made up of 94.88% repurposed content. I only have so many brain cells available.)

Via Twitter: I love this Giants team. And it's worth remembering that two years ago, they were written off as a team in disarray.. !!!1

Tweetered in response, by @JonahKeri: @ re disarray, could say same thing about Rays 3 years ago...things change over time

To which we replied (hours later): @ I think that there's been a sense that the Rays have been moving in right direction for 5-6 yrs. Giants were effed up.

Then, there's this blogpost, from Drew: In a Silk Suit Trying Not to Sweat, Hittin' Somersaults Without the Net

To which we said: Don't even bang unless you plan to hit something! (Subreference!!!1)

I acknowledge fully that the Giants' method of building probably wouldn't work in the AL East or anywhere that real baseball is played. Still, I kinda love how Sabean pulled together scraps from hither and yon and made a ball team out of them.

If Cody Ross or Pat the Bat had made their way to Toronto, there would have been cries of "Mencherson!" and riots in the blogiesfear.

Mind you, I don't know how much of this is by design, and how much is pure happenstance, but given my general distaste for Brian Sabean's signings (Aaron Rowand has yet to force me to eat my bacon), I'm assuming the latter.

And I actually disagree with Keri...I think that people saw the Rays as a team headed in the right direction for the past five or six years...The Giants? I would have figured them for last in the NL West.

So what does this mean? Your 2013 NLCS winners are the LA Dodgers. Book it.

So there: Now you're caught up.

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