Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Five things, while we have a quick moment

We're dreadfully late for a tea party, but since you're here, we'll offer you five quick things which may be nothing at all.

The Roof: For the love of baseball, and for the love of fresh air, someone crack the lid on the Rogers Centre, for goodness sakes. Yeah, some people might complain about the cold, and maybe the players prefer the controlled environment under the roof. But people can bring a jacket, and the players should maybe consider getting a job at an Orange Julius stand in the mall if the brisk air is an impediment. We've attended ball games where we had to stop keep score because our pen froze. And we lived to tell the tale. A 10 degree night in April is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

The Catchers: One day after throwing out four baserunners, some folks started questioning Jose Molina's defensive abilities because he backhanded a ball in the dirt. Have we all lost our minds? Molina's been great behind the plate. John Buck's been okay, too, though not great. But don't let all the fetishizing of Rod Barajas' giant belly and thighs and their ball blocking abilities get you all sentimental.

The Next Catcher: J.P. Arencibia is on a roll in Vegas, posting an OPS of .914 and looking (in the boxscores, at least) like he's back in the form that he demonstrated in 2008. He's caught only 14% of baserunners so far and he's allowed four passed balls - Ohhh! Rod! Come back! - so those numbers may be worth tracking. Maybe most important is how the Jays' pitching prospects like throwing to him, because if they dislike him now, they're going to hate him like every Yankee pitcher hated Jorge Posada and loved Jose Molina last year.

The Bullpen: Sorry, we take it back. We have nothing to say about the bullpen.

Shaun Marcum: North of Steeles is the unluckiest bastard of them all, having pitched five games pretty well so far this year, with nothing in the win column to show for it. Which just goes to show you that wins and losses are the most important pitching stat, and a sub -.500 pitcher like Marcum has no business being the ace of this rotation. ( doesn't show that at all! What? Are you telling us...Nah. Couldn't be.)

Oh dear! I'm late!


MK Piatkowski said...

I can't agree with you on opening the dome. If you want to be a macho male and freeze your ass off in 10 degree weather with a wind-chill making it even colder, be my guest. Just don't expect me to watch a game in that environment when I can stay toasty warm at home.

I love that we have the option of enjoying the good weather when we get it and can shut it out when it sucks.

Coffee with a Stranger said...

You know what sucks most about this Boston sweep? The Jays had the opportunity to win all three games, to kick Red Sox Nation while they were down, and instill a little doubt in an increasingly smug fan base.

Why can't others feel our pain?

Instead we might be watching the beginning of the Sox's steady march back up the standings....

William said...

Marcum is the Blue Jays Greinke. Molina is a great defensive catcher. Too bad he doesn't hit better.

And yeah, what good is a dome that can open if they never open it?

Matt C said...

The Skydome (fuck calling it the Rogers Centre) is a coffin when it is closed. For the love of god, fresh air please!

Also, what the hell was that line-up last night? It was a pretty disappointing game to be at. Seemed like after Wells was up, we were just throwing placeholders out there until Hill came back. To make matters worse, they kept throwing up Lind clips on the Jumbotron, as if to taunt us.

Finally, the crowd was pretty weak. I tried to get some cheering going to no avail. Also, when I started yelling "Papelbon is a Pigfucker" in the 9th I was told to 'settle down' by some momma's boys in the seats behind me.