Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brett Cecil came and made everything better

(whaddya think about that?)

So, I've been away from things for a while. And by "away from things", I mean merely scanning boxscores and grabbing the headlines for the past week as opposed to dryhumping every last minutiae of information I can find surrounding the Blue Jays (awwwkward).

You know how it is - work stuff, family stuff, maybe some more work stuff. Unbelievable that goddamned life dares get in the way of baseball, right? I was this close to dialing into JaysTalk with Wilner and bitching about Lyle Overpaid and that goon JP Ricciardi and his 5 year plan.

But I'm back and plugged in (as much as I ever was, I guess), and I'm here to talk about that magnificent bastard Brett Cecil. The final line might not immediately blow you way (4 ER in 6.2 IP), but like everything else this season, I choose to conveniently blame the manager for not yanking the kid after 6 strong innings. Seriously though, Cecil was everything the Jays hope he will be - a strong mid-rotation presence with power stuff, able to compete against AL East rivals. I'd say his 2010 debut fit the bill.

Oh, and you look good up top, Freddy Lewis.

Oh, and welcome back, Aaron Hill. And make sure you give that sore arm plenty of rest, Edwin.

One more thing - where would the Jays be without Kevin Gregg right now? I know - who woulda thunk it, right?

AJ Burnett's tattooed arm - what the fuck?

Speaking of douchebags, nice to see ARod get called out by Oakland's Dallas Braden for breaking code. Truthfully, I don't even much care who's right in this one. Douchey is as douchey does, Alex.

Brett Wallace is up to 7 HR and a 1.036 OPS. JP Arencibia is starting to come around, too.

Fire up the Adeiny Hechavarria hype machine. Let's go!


victorymanual said...

Feel free to call Wilner during Jays Talk. We're always up for a laugh.

victorymanual said...

Let's get serious, though.

Last week on Jay's Talk, Wilner had a caller that refused to take his kids to a Jays game because of Overpay, and would rather a 1st baseman with power . . . like JOHN OLERUD!

Wilner then points out to the poor guy that Overbay and Olerud were the same person, and never getting through to the jerk.

It was entertaining and all, but sounded put on. Was that you?

Anyway, Overpay still has that nice swing and eventually he'll contribute on a regular basis. There is such a thing as hope, right. It's hard to dangle a guy who's hitting .127 as trade bait.

As for JP's 5-year plan, well, I remember us all on board a few years back when it was heading into year 6. And then year 7 came and we were all tired.

Mark said...

I'd like to know where all these Jays pitchers started learning cutters from. Gregg never threw one before this year and now he's using it all the time. Romero's doing it a lot too, and he never threw one last year. They're both so much better this year and I think that's a big reason why. Not only are both of them striking out more batters, but they're doing a better job of keeping the ball on the ground.

Anonymous said...

don't mind that Cecil saw the seventh, though it made me nervous as hell...add Frasor to the mix and it downright made me sick. but you have to get to and experience your limit in a game situation to eventually be able to go through it - it is a rebuilding year after all. Good experience - and Cecil still walks away with a win. Anyways great win by the Jays, simply a pleasure to watch.

dave said...

Should have waited till 2012 to teach Romero how to throw a cutter. Then the Jays could have made a playoff run on his arm and he wouldn't have to have TJ surgery till 2013.

Ah well, when Romero is out in 2011 Drabek will be up and someone can teach him a cutter that he will use to win ROY!!!1

Torgen said...

Olerud is better than Overbay at everything Overbay is good at. Other than that, they're the same player. (Interestingly, Overbay already has more career SBs than Olerud.)