Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And so we wait

....for Tom Cheek to rightfully receive his due. I'm past the point of outrage on this one, really, but recognition for (arguably) the most important voice of baseball this country has ever seen is long past due.

....for the Jays to take a run at that one free agent bat still kicking around the market. Damon? Delgado? Gomes? Branyan?

....for Alex Anthopoulos to pull the trigger on one of those deals he's been sitting on for the past weeks. He's hinted at working on a few things, and you know he'd like to make one more deal before spring training.

....for one of the bullpen arms to get moved. AA is stockpiling arms out there, and we've been reading lots of whispers of Frasor and/or Downs being available. Even in the Jays cone of silence, where there's smoke, there's fire.

....for Rod Barajas to get a job. I'm not even concerned about the compensation pick at this point (I'm lying), but Rod's got a family to feed, man. Do it, Omar.

....for continued progress from Dustin McGowan. Just how big of a boost to the pitching staff would a healthy Dusty be? Massive. McGowan/Marcum/Morrow/Romero/Cecil/Rzepczynski. 5 rotation arms aren't enough.

....for the start of spring. Because I'm sick of this long cold fucking winter already.


Stedron said...

Where'd you get the picture of Tom Cheek?

Too soon?

Anonymous said...

Such a tasteless comment Stedron. No doubt, some of Tom's friends and family frequent this blog.

Roy said...

...for The Bullpen Gospels to be released.

The Ack said...

^ good call Roy. Baseball Prospectus 2010 too.

Stedron said...

Oh please. I'd say the same thing about my own family. Obviously a joke in bad taste, but spare me. I'm not the only one that was thinking it.

MJK said...

getting a bat for the sake of winning 5 more games is pointless with this year's team but might have been a good idea for any of the previous 4.

the only reason to get a bat is to cockblock Cito's lust for playing Bautista at Snider's expense, and that means getting someone who can lead off.

Peter DeMarco said...

While I fully believe Tom Cheek is the greatest radio play by play man in the history of baseball. It is not surprising to me that he hasn't won this award. His competition just has much more national exposure than he ever has, and I think that sways the opinion of the voters.

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KrazyKanuck said...

Here's to hoping Dusty gets going this season without any setbacks or further injuries. I've always been a big fan of his (and GOD who doesn't love those kickass sideburns), and I hope the best for him. I think he has a TON of potential to be an ace, he just needs to put it together. We saw it against Colorado...

I'm very excited about getting him back in the rotation.

Hilleraj said...

@Anon 12:43

Who spends $100 per day on food?!?! Even $20 a day for one person is a little steep... I mean, I guess it's not so bad if you're making the kind of money you claim... but really, you could save yourself thousands every year if you... Oh wait, this is a baseball blog! My bad...

Mylegacy said...

On Cheek - agreed overdue.

On Damon - do it AA - NOW!

On a trade - ain't gonna happen. AA wants a trade - but it takes two to tango. Something might come of the talk later this year.

On bullpen arms - we really NEED more - duh - after all we've only got: Tallet, Richmond, Camp, Carlson, Frasor, Downs, Janssen, Accardo, Hayhurst, Roenicke, Collins and Farquhar - not to mention McGowan and at least three of the young starters who don't make it starting.

Please Rod - sign a Major League contract I want that ninth draft choice (before the fourth round).

While I think Dustin will likely end up in the pen when he's recovered. He's a great guy, a great story and I hope he has many happy endings. God knows - the kid is a battler!

As to the start of spring - man I can hardly wait - however, weather wise here in Nanaimo the rose bushes all have new growth, the crocus' are blooming and the daffies are up but not bloomin' yet. It's tough here sitting in my den looking out on the ships in the harbour - man this is such a tough life. Giggle, giggle.

MelancholyInker said...

Word! Good article Ack!

Just one comment:

McGowan starting in the pen kinda scares me. I just blogged an article about Dusty on my page. I would hate to see him end up like Morrow. He's a starter and I think he should remain one. Thoughts?

The Ack said...

I think starter is where he'd have the most value if he can hold up, of course. I just wonder if he'll be similar to Papelbon (shudder) in that shoulder woes deem the pen a better fit (don't ask me how/why exactly that works for health reasons). Worked out well for Boston, though. Call it a Plan B?

MelancholyInker said...

Hmmm... in spite of my hesitation about moving Dusty to the pen, your idea isn't unbearable if he can't shake the shoulder problems. I must admit, I hope we never need plan B though, ya know?

Anonymous said...

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