Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Tao's Links in Bulk

(Oh Sour are our kryptonite.)

Tim Johnson Rides Again
The disgraced former Jays manager has caught on with the Tuscon Toros of the Golden League. (Or so he claims.) For some reason, the independent league team decided to literally parade Johnson through town on a horse.

(And good does Tim Johnson's 88-win season look now?)

Ernie Whitt for Manager! (Of Clearwater!)
The Phillies named Ernie Whitt manager of their Single-A affiliate in Clearwater. The Drunks mocked. Anonymous commenters went apeshit. Hilarity ensued.

Speaking of Anonymous Whingeing
In an article titled "All I Want for Christmas...for the Sports Fan" and credited to "Sun Media", some anonymous and angry copy desk jockey takes two gratuitous swipes at J.P., but refrains from telling Parkes to fuck off. (Not that there's anything wrong with anonymity, right?)

Cathal Kelly: Friend of P, Not of A.J.
It's a few days old now, but Cathal Kelly's takedown of A.J. in last weekend's Star is a dilly of a mythbuster on the enigmatic hurler. The Ghosties quite rightly noted that this is the sort of piece that we would like to see written when the malingerer is still in town, but never will.

Putting A.J.'s Departure in Perspective
Jon Hale talks Jays fans off the ledge at the Mockingbird.

Reed Johnson: Still Super-Awesome
Or so says, as they use the signing of the diminutive outfielder with the effeminate gait by the Cubbies last March as a shining example of the sort of remainder bin shopping that many teams (like the Jays!) will have to do this spring.

Our Saviour: Rick Ankiel
The Southpaw makes the modest (and somewhat reasonable) proposal that the Jays trade closer B.J. Ryan to the Cardinals for Rick Ankiel. If nothing else, the trade would exponentially increase the likelihood of Will Leitch sightings at Blue Jays games.


The Ack said...

I guess Timmy Johnson got discharged from his tour in Iraq to interview for that gig.

Anonymous said...

Ankiel? The Cards aren't getting rid of him. Reed ended up on a playoff team, good for him. AJ looked good in pinstripes today,but gave some line of BS about being excited about the big stage. Same old AJ, robbing money from a club AND bsing the press, ooops sounds like JP........

Torgen said...

Anonymous, Rosenthal reported that the Cards offered Ankiel plus a prospect for Putz.

woodpeck said...

WTG Reed! Hope he can end the cubs jinx. hahaha......
seriously, losing him hurt waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more than AJ.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Parkes