Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little perspective, if you please

The nice thing about unplugging yourself and getting away for a breather is that it allows you a certain amount of time to reflect and reassess. With the benefit of some time to quietly reflect, you can strip away some of the axiomatic thinking that creeps in and takes over when you are locked into the day to day grind of it all.

We highly recommend it. In fact, we'd especially recommend it to those in the comments sections of this blog and others who have started to freak out at the seeming disparity between the Jays signings and those of other teams, notably the Yankees. Because it's patently ridiculous the way that some are even trying to make some sort of point by comparing the Sabathia-Burnett-Teixeira signings with the Jays' scouring of the fringes to sign a handful of minor league free agents.

"They get C.C.! We get Mike Maroth! Fire J.P.! Fourth place! Gargggrggrghrghr!"

The Yankees, you have to remember, are in full restocking mode. They've lost a number of aging players with big contracts, so they can make all of these signings and maybe more, and still be under last season's payroll number. That's what they are doing now, and they are setting the market for the rest of the league, because they always have. There shouldn't be any cause for alarm.

The Jays' are on minor-league and marginal signings at this point, likely because are waiting (like everyone else) for some more movement in the free agent market amongst the more austere teams. There are lots of big names still on the board, and our guess is that some of them will be left scrambling for dance partners by the time February rolls around.

Besides, the Mike Barrett signing is a greatish one, both for the Jays and for the player. He gets the chance to get out of PetCo Park, and the Jays get a guy who was a Silver Slugger winner as recently as 2005. The signing also provides insurance in the event that Rod Barajas turns into a tubby pumpkin again.

We could definitely see Barrett taking playing time away from Barajas, especially if the latter backslides as he did in the final six weeks of last year.

That's a wrap on 2008
As 2009 lingers alluringly on the horizon, we look forward to turning over the calendar page and taking on another year. Have a great New Year's celebration, and we'll see you on the other side.


eyebleaf said...

Happy New Year, Tao. Here's to the playoffs in 2009. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Tao, Barrett was good what 4 years ago? He hasn't been that great lately AND he fights with his aces! You wanna see Doc on the DL because Barret had a fit? I don't. It's a cheap signing, so no harm no fowl. THe pitchers however....he could have gotten Ponson and Colon for dirt cheap who actually pitched in the AL East last year, no? Ponson did decently enough, Colon not as much but both guys are better than Clement AND Maroth! Whatta joke, AJ ,CC and Teix go to the Yanks, Penny to Boston , and the Jays get Barrett, wow. JP is waiting for what? There are at least 25 teams waiting to get in on the cheap guys and how many are left. Adam Dunn isn't coming to TC, Manny isn't, the Cubs are signing Milton Bradley so that leaves Burrell and Giambi. Giambi will probably go to Oakland or Tampa and Burrell the highest bidder. What does that mean for Toronto? That means that they are fucked!

Tao of Stieb said...

"No harm no fowl"?

Does that mean we have to punch you in the gob for a chicken dinner?

Brendan said...

What's "TC"? Toronto City?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he lives in England where all the sporting teams have a C after the name like Everton FC (for dummies) FC is football club. Riccardi has had the money for seven years to restock the minors, make dramatic splashes on the free agent side, trade away aging players that are only pinch hitters or role players and did nothing in his eight years in Toronto. As usual, Toronto displayed weaknesses in certain areas in 08 that could have become strengths in 09. Instead of addressing those needs immediately, Riccardi did what Riccardi does every year. He waits until there is nothing left in the pot and then tries to add a player that is more liability than asset. Last year he picked up Mench and Wilkerson and tried to pass it off as the moves that would ensure a world series win. Riccardi knew Jannson, McGowan, and Marcum would be on the shelf in 09. Three starters as question marks. He waits until the last minute to sign Maroth and Clement and by that time, Rogers shareholders say no more money for baseball. A good General Manager addresses a teams needs immediately, because they don't know what the future holds. Toronto's Gm waits until the last minute and then blames everything or everyone else for his own failures and incompetence in his job.