Sunday, December 14, 2008

My new motto

Fuck 2009.

Add that to the ever-growing list of things I can thank Clarence Gaston for. You see, when Cito not-so-subtly announced that the Jays would have a good 2010, he did us all a favour. He did his players a favour by taking the pressure off before the team had even played one game of the 2009 schedule. He did the front office a favour by simmering down the public demand for a big offseason move at baseball's winter meetings. Maybe most importantly, he did me (and by "me", I mean "us") a favour by lowering expectations to a point where I (we) can enjoy the upcoming season for what it is.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not being a total defeatist. I'll still be following the team religiously and agonizing over every game, every GIDP, every strikeout in a big spot. I still hold out hope the team can be good - and maybe shock the baseball world. But....the pressure's off now, isn't it?

And while we're at it
Fuck A.J. Burnett, too.

I know, I know....he had every right to take the best offer on the table, and it was inevitable that the Yankees would be that team. But still......fuck him, you know? For all the talk about how close he was with Roy Halladay, A.J. really is proving to be the anti-Doc, isn't he?

Speaking of which, outstanding work by Cathal Kelly with this piece on A.J. Our man Cathal does a great job reminding us of what we really lost when he walked away, and de-mystifies the "legend" that was/is A.J. Anyone else looking forward to the first Yankee Stadium showdown with Doc and A.J. on the hill?


dave said...

If the Jays are mediocre in 2009 I hope the public and media do see it as a set-up year for 2010. But it's hard to get people to think long term when they've been waiting for "PLAYOFFS!" this long.

I just don't want people getting fired or traded away because of the upcoming season. Just hold on, lets get to '10 and see what happens.

But who know, eh? Cito got me all worked up with what he said about Rios last week. Maybe we can pull some shit out....

Anonymous said...

maybe, maybe, maybe

fuckin' Jays

eyebleaf said...

Anyone else looking forward to the first Yankee Stadium showdown with Doc and A.J. on the hill?

I can't mother fucking wait.

The Ack said...

I'm hoping the "wink wink" came through here....

Anonymous said...

2010 Rolen and Overbay will still be on the team. They need a shortstop so maybe Inglett will take over. They will have no veteran catcher on the team and need to possibly get one. So far the 2010 Jays look like the same old shitty Jays as usual but with more holes. Who knows if Purcey pans out or even Cecil.

To give up the 2009 season and not trying to sign Giambi, Bradley and etc is a flip of the bird to the fans. This 2020 talk is bullshit. What 2020 might be is the last time you see Doc in BLue.

PS Fuck you JP!

The Ack said...

How do you know Overbay will still be around in 2010?

Why would they need a veteran catcher for any more than 2 starts a week, if Arencibia proves he can handle the job?

And in 2010, Marcum and McGowan will be back at full strength, Doc will still have a year on his contract, and it's certainly not unreasonable to assume that two of Purcey, Romero, Cecil, Mills, Litsch, Clement, etc can fill the remaining 2 rotation spots admirably.

Snider and Lind will be that much further advanced and comfortable as major leaguers. Rios, Wells, and Hill will still be in their prime (I'd argue Rios isn't even quite there yet).

The bullpen will still be The Shit (in a good way).

....and that all assumes JP (or successor?) will do nothing....which is the only unreasonable assumption I've made here.

What's not to like?

I wish I could take this post back. Totally didn't express what I was going for.