Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome Globe Sports readers: Come join us as we watch paint dry

Because it's a lot less frustrating and tiresome than waiting around for something to come of this week's rumours. (Sabean! Yer killin' us here!)

Rule 5 draft - Another Wells, and the fat guy from Moneyball
The Jays took important steps towards replenishing their supply players named "Wells" today by drafting Cubs farmhand Randy Wells. Wells seemed to have stubbed his toe moving to the AAA level in 2006 after putting up excellent numbers the entire way through his minor league career. Wells is said to be "giddy" about the move to Toronto, and he has promised to skip like a schoolgirl to the mound. (Okay, part of that wasn't completely true.)

In the AAA portion of the Rule 5, the Jays picked up Brant Colamarino, an Oakland farmhand whose physical appearance elicited one of the best lines in Michael Lewis' Moneyball:
"When Brant Colamarino removes his shirt for the first time in an A's minor league locker room he inspires his coaches to inform [Beane] that 'Colamarino has titties.'"
(Thanks to this Hardball Times article for the reminder about Brant's bootyliciousness, a
nd cheers to the Mighty Blair for the link from the Globe Baseball Blog.)

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Joanna said...

I am green, purple and blue with envy that Jeff Blair has routinely mentioned this blog. And Drunk Jays Fans. And now Batter's Box today.

But I do enjoy your "let's just keep Lexi" posts, cause I was feeling very alone.