Wednesday, December 5, 2007

They get Miggy and Dontrelle, and we're chasing this guy

We've got no time for Paul LoDuca. But if they Jays do decide to toss $2.5 mill his way: lock up your daughters.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Loria and David Sansom set about killing baseball in every great city starting with the letter "M". Watch your Nuts, Modesto!
In truth, the Marlins got a pretty good package for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, including Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller. But think of this: Cabrera is 24-effing-years-old, which is the same age as Hanley Ramirez. So let the Hanley rumours start to fly!


Joanna said...

I think the Marlins should get extra money just for being a baby ballplayer factory. The Jays should mine their scouts. I know JP doesn't believe in scouts, but I mean really. Just thinking about their pitching in 03 makes me weak in the knees.

Unknown said...

Don't be so quick to damn LoDuca. Although I'm of the opinion that he is likely to decline, there are a number of Mets fans and players (Wagner) who are pretty upset that he's not going to be back. He brings a lot to a clubhouse, he's a strong handler of pitchers (and some of the successes of Maine and Perez in '07 can be attributed to him), and his bad reputation, I believe, stems more from the New York Media using him as a whipping boy because of some rumors of his off-the-field activities. If you can look past that, you'd realize that you'd be getting a quality catcher.