Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lincecum or Cain? We'll take the latter

It almost feels certain to us that we're about to lose the Jays' best offensive player from last year. If it isn't one of the Giants starters, then someone's going to come along with an offer that J.P. can't refuse.

We're as sure of this as we were last year that the Jays were going to trade Vernon and sign Gil Meche.

Still, now we're left pondering which starter we'd prefer. Lincecum had all of the hype last year, but looking at his game log, he got knocked around a bit and never quite dominated the way that some thought he should.

Maybe we're just focussed on the right good Francis Begbie-esque tunin' that the Jays put on him on June 13 (7 earnies in 3.2 innings). And that was with a lineup that includes noted sluggers Howie Clark, Jason Phillips and Royce Clayton.

Besides, that delivery scares the bejaysus out of us.

And let's remember that Cain is actually about three months younger that Lincecum, lest anyone pull out that old saw about Tiny Tim's potential.

Meanwhile, the fellas over at McCovey Chronicles are completely losing their shit over the possibility of losing one of their stars of the future for Rios. We hope that they can enjoy that lovely view of the bay this season while Los Gigantes are at bat, because there won't be many splash hits to enjoy in 2008.

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Joanna said...

thank you for being the voice of reason. a pitcher "whose delivery sends shivers up the spines of trainers" !!!!!!!

don't we have our quota of righties that frighten trainers?