Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fifty-eight minutes until the Mitchell Report is released

And then we can put all of this ugliness behind us and move on.


Update, 2:25 pm: Page 179 of the report. Say it ain't so, Zaunie. Say it ain't so.

Another Update, 2:40 pm: We totally missed this article in yesterday's National Post. (Actually, we've missed pretty every article of every National Post for about four years, but that's neither here nor there.)

In the article, Gregg Zaun takes flagrant potshots at the Mitchell Report and Bud Selig, culminating in this:

"I don't know what the report says, but if there's not hard evidence like a failed drug test or somebody got caught purchasing drugs or anything like that, it seems like they're opening themselves up to a whole lot of negative press for really no reason at all. It baffles me. It really does."

Well, it's certainly opened up Zaun for some negative press. And while we love Zaun for his candour and we're probably going to forgive him anyways, we think it was pretty weak for him to come out blasting the report beforehand without being the slightest bit open or sincere about the fact that he had been asked to testify, and with some good reason.


Yet another Update, 2:51: Also, Howie Clark. For shame.

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Andrew said...

Surprising column: Howie Clark, Chuck Knoblauch
Not so surprising column: Roger Clemens, Gregg Zaun...

Does this put the end to Zaunies career as a broadcaster? I think if Fox can put up with Joe Morgan then Zaun is a shoo-in.