Friday, September 17, 2010

Tweet Bag! More of your questions, more sage answers

We're a little hung over, and a little tongue-tied today for reasons that we can't really get into. (Once again, we'll reiterate that we are, above all, a man of mystery. In part because the reality is ridiculously boring.)

So what to do when inspiration is lacking? TWEETBAG! And here we go:

@6thSens (awesome podcasters and bloggers, even if you happen not to be down with Daniel Alfredsson) ask: With the potential loss of three bullpen pieces this offseason (Gregg, Frasor, Downs), how would u handle offseason pen plans?

You're saying you don't think that Jeremy Accardo is the answer?

All kidding aside (momentarily), it's worth remembering that Gregg, Downs and Frasor were all marginal, under-the-radar pick ups, and went on to generally have good to great performances for the Jays. They've already made one move that we like in snatching former Rockies reliever Taylor Buchholz off the scrap heap.

Moreover, we're pretty certain that there will be value-priced relievers out there this offseason who could come in and help buttress the existing pieces (Buchholz, Camp, Purcey, Janssen), and that Gregg has pitched well enough for the Jays to consider picking up his option for 2011. Add to that Josh Roenicke, and you've got a pretty full complement in the pen.

It will also be worth keeping an eye on the Minnesota Twins bullpen this offseason, and what happens with the multitude of increasingly expensive bullpen arms that they have collected. Not to get all Bob Elliot on you, but Somewhat-Canadian Jesse Crain is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of the year, and may be looking for an opportunity to close, which the Jays could offer if they move on from Gregg.

Next! Let's get all historical up in this bitch!

@PdcD asks: If JBau reaches 50 hrs, where will he rank in Jays history as best single season stats by a Jay?

Wow. It's like you were in our head all Inception-style (is that reference already dated?), and you knew that we've been sitting on this notion that JoBau's season is moving upwards into the all-time pantheon.

We're sure that we need a good hour to pull that whole post together, and we plan to soon. But at first blush, we're looking at Bell's 1987 season, Delgado's 2000 and 2003 seasons, Olerud-Molitor-Alomar in 1993, and McGriff's 1989.

Currently, JoBau's 2010 WAR is sitting at 4.7 for the year, and it will take a 6.1 to crack the all-time top 10 for single season WAR. Tops all-time? It may surprise you, but Johnny O's 8.3 in 1993 sits atop that list. And the distinction is that while JoBau is smacking dingers like there's no tomorrow, his doubles total (32) is somewhat modest compared to some of that all-time seasons.

And if WAR ain't your metric of choice, JoBau's adjusted OPS looks on pace to settle in around third on the all-time list. So there's that.

We'll come back to this one at season's end. In the meantime, Pauly, stay the fuck out of our head. And watch out: Here comes the kick!

Finally, our main man Navin brings us back to the historical well once again: The organization has decided that you will select the next Blue Jay to be added to the Level of Excellence. Who do you choose?

Well of course they have! Have we not told you lately how tight we are with Beeston? And how the letters falling from the Level of Excellence was all a part of my plan (conceived with Handsome Tony Viner, naturally, when we were handsomely pissed as newts on a lovely bottle of Quail's Gate) to have the entire system of honours fixed to please us?

Ok, none of that happened. (And if it did, both of us would deny it anyhow.)

But back to the question: Up until just recently, we would have taken this opportunity to wax on about our all-time favorite Blue Jays pitcher: Jimmy Key. (And somewhere, Dave Stieb is like: "Hey! Wait a second!")

Key's career WAR with the Jays (27.8) ranks third behind Stieb (53.6) and that other guy who we can't remember (47.4), though Key piled his numbers up in just 1695 innings (versus 2873 and 2046, respectively). And we could go one about Key's ERA with the Jays (3.42, same as Stieb's and fractionally ahead of Old Ginger Beard's 3.43), and blah blah blah.

But all of that is pretty much academic if you look at what has happened in recent weeks with Carlos Delgado's hips. With both his hips now ailing, we'd say the chances of a return to the Majors for King Carlos is growing increasingly remote. And should the Jays all-time leader in WAR, OPS, HRs, RsBI, Runs, Total Bases, Runs Created, etc., decide to call it a career, we would assume that the franchise with whom he made the bulk of his hay would go out of their way to toss bouquets upon bouquets upon even more bouquets in his general direction as soon as they can.

But wait: You said this was up to me, and only I could choose?

Well fine then. Let's get Jimmy Key up there with great haste. Because you know what is better than one Level of Excellence Party? Two Level of Excellence Parties!

Thanks again for all your contributions. May the Schwartz be with you.

Friday Rock Out - The Black Keys
In recognition of our Twitter pals who suggested that we pick up the Black Keys' latest this week, and in view of a full week's worth of maddening discussions of sexism in sports, we offer up this tasty treat of a video clip. Avert your eyes if you must.

We're sorry. Sorta.


mike in boston said...

gotta admit that video is pretty great. the hockey style
"pairing up" tfights at the end were kind of lame though. i would have preferred a baseball type brawl.

on Gregg -- if you bring him back he has to be the closer and i think his peripherals show that he could have blown way more saves than he actually did. this doesn't bode well for next year. take the sandwich pick that you'll get when some GM sees his SV number and can't resist signing him.

happy weekend all and let's hope the Jays can put the Sox out of their misery with a clean sweep.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Tweet bag, yo!!!1

Anthopoulos will pick up Gregg's option. He is wise.

Olerud's season makes me think he might be up for a promotion to the Level of Excellence. Damn, what a fine season he put up. I'm all for more Johnny Olerud love.

I'd vote Key. And then Carlos. Let's get more people up on that bitch!

Have a good weekend, y'all. Fuck the Massholes. Go Jays. And fuck all you "closest racists," too.

Tao of Stieb said...

I wanna see the Jays put a whuppin' on the entire continent of Massholia! Drop a bomb on it!

Also, I wanna drink!


KP said...