Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Rock Out - By popular demand

If there's one thing we've come to understand about this blog, it's that you give the people what they want.


Speaking of giving the people what they want
We're of the opinion that the news this week that Paul Beeston will take on the President and CEO role for the next three years will actually result in the three things that would make us happiest: A larger budget, new uniforms and a new manager.

With the manager, we get that Beeston is a good pal of Cito's and defended him at the end of the year. But it seems that it is Beeston's nature to calm the waters in those instances. With Beeston working with the "newish" front office, we could see him casting his gaze towards the future, and asking his pal to work as a ceremonial advisor to Anthopoulos and Tony LaCava. Cito really doesn't seem to have any aspirations beyond next year, and he seemed to be getting much less enjoyment out of the position this year than he did in his triumphant return the previous year. (Which is probably a function of winning...but still.)

And by the way: How awesome is it that the Jays retained LaCava? It hasn't been mentioned that much since the reworking of the management team, but it was a pretty important move in our view. Frankly, we could have seen him take over the GM job, but to have him there as the Ant's right hand man let's us sleep a little bit easier at night.

Also, we couldn't imagine that the Beest is going to let the idiotic Godfrey black cap legacy live on beyond the coming season. Even if it means a nostalgic return to the 92-93 era unis, we'd be happy. Anything that helps us ditch the black is a good thing.


The Ack said...

Oh boy, Paul is going to totally lose his shit.

Tao, you're basically painting a Utopian paradise for Jays fans with your expectations of the Beest's moves. Stop playing, playa.

Tao of Stieb said...

I don't know. Maybe it's that I've become very suggestible in my current overworked, weakened state. But I ate up everything that the Beest was serving in his Prime Time Sports interview this week.

And when he comes back and says that they're going with an $80 million payroll, I'll totally lose all hope.

I set myself up for these things, don't I?

The Ack said...

Honestly, if clearing the payroll decks in '10 means a run in '11/'12 when more contracts come off the books (Ryan, Overbay, ??) and loading up with a $125M payroll number - with a deeper FA crop - I might be OK with that. You know, building towards something at least.

Of course, we've heard these promises before, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the retainment of LaCava, I also dig the hiring of Mel Queen as a consultant of some kind. I've never heard or met the man, but imagine him as some kind Burgess Meredith like curmudgeon circa Rocky I yelling at Halladay "You're a bum Doc, a bum!" before completely rebuilding his delivery into the current Doc opposition batters have come to fear and loathe.

I think with all these consultants/advisors etc, you've got to think that AA will approach the draft in not so much of an either -or/categorical way that JP did, well at least initially.

The Ack said...

You really oughta register some kind of name, anon, because you've been nailing it in the comments section lately. You fucking bum!

Tao of Stieb said...

And don't forget the Roy Halladay has a lot of respect for Mel Queen.

Just sayin', the more people that Halladay likes who are surrounding him in Toronto, the more likely it is that he stays.

(Which isn't to say this it will be likely, just...slightly more likely.)

Darren Priest said...

Not sure if one guy constitutes "popular demand" but now that you've acceded to his demands, I think I'm going to miss his spirited non-sequitur posts.

MRB said...

Good choice Tao! Still hoping however that Macca continues with his posts.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see new unis then see Cito gone, honestly.

Peter D said...

I've never really understood the criticism of the new uniforms, while I admit that they aren't perfect, I think they are way better than any uniform the Jays have ever had. I'm talking a history of hideous uniforms.

As for Beeston, while his intentions are in the right place, I don't think he realizes how far this team is from seriously competing. Bringing Doc back is great, if the payroll really is going up to $150, because that will mean 50 million for Doc and Wells each year combined, and 100 million for the rest of the team.

Anonymous said...

Probably, the best option is to try to send Vern to whoever takes Doc.

Peter D said...

After the 2008 season when the Wells contract didn't look so bad, and the Dodgers were having problems resigning Manny, as well as getting rid of Andrew Jones, I thought this was the perfect storm and they should have offer Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells to the Dodgers for Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp or Eithier, and Andrew Jones.

But that would have had to taken forsight amongst the teams management.

Tao of Stieb said...

When people say that the Jays are really far from competing, I like to say: Jerry Harriston started in right field for the Yankees last night.

You can compete with a team that is not perfect.

You need four really good bats, plus one or two solid ones, a great starter, a couple of good starters, and a half decent bullpen.

That can get you into the playoffs, even in the AL East.

And the Jays aren't that far off.

Tao of Stieb said...

Also Peter D:

You claim that the team didn't have foresight because they didn't do something that looks good in hindsight that would they wouldn't have even been able to pull off at that time.

That seems like a bit of a cheap shot. Because the Dodgers weren't making that trade.

Darren Priest said...

So you're saying you want to trade Doc for Hairston Jr.?

I kid!

I was really hoping Pedro would get the win last night. The guy makes an off-hand acknowledgment that he got beat in 2004 and they yell "Who's you daddy?" like a bunch of autistic adults for the rest of his career?

It ain't clever. Oh, and nice to see Rudy still wearing the PD FD cap. You're out of politics now, asshole, you can stop milking it.

Sven the Swede said...

Tao I totally hear you about the disappointment with Carlos Garcia. I would put Erik Hanson as my biggest disappointment, but I had high hopes for Garcia to be one of those guys that no one had heard of, but he just sucked. That was one strange deal.

abigail breslin said...

So uh tao, all your feelings of goodwill gone now that we know Cito is returning to be a lameduck and Arnseberg is Houston bound?

Anonymous said...

Whyyyyyyyy are they bringing Cito back!!??????

And Arnsberg is gone?! Ugh!

This is really horrible news. This team is driving me bat shit crazy.

Paul McCartney said...


Love you Tao!!

Go Veg!

Paul McCartney said...

In all seriousness, this was great. My dear grandmother is in the hospital with days to live, my wife was driving me batshit and my kids were making me contemplate a vasectomy.

This Rock Out put a huge smile on my face and made my fucking day.


Paul McCartney said...


Capt. Douchetastic said...

But, Paul, your wife is dead. Is "Linder" haunting you Jacob Marley style?

Anonymous said...

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