Friday, October 16, 2009

I disagree with all you crazy bloggers

Part of the fun of partaking in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance postseason voting was the notion that maybe those of us who reside outside of the press box would get it right, and prove just how vastly superior we are to the washed up hacks in the BBWAA.

After reviewing the BBA press release from yesterday (hey, they quoted us!), all we can say is: Oops.

Mind you, our choice for AL Rookie of the Year, the A's Andrew Bailey, took the day with nine first place votes and 48 points total in the 5-3-1 scoring system. But what shocked us was that Brett Anderson, who we even considered as our choice at the top of our ballot, received one first place vote and our second place vote...and that's it.

(And full marks to the kids at Camden Crazies, who had the stones to put Anderson at the top of their list.)

To which we say: Really? Put Anderson's numbers up against second place finisher Rick Porcello (four first place votes), and Anderson pretty much takes the day across the board. Sure, Porcello's ERA starts with a number 3, but he got that tenth of a point by feasting on the lesser lights in the NL Central in interleague play.

We give the young Porcello full marks for his judo hip toss of Kevin Douchekilis, but there's no way he makes it to the top of our ballot.

Other oddities: Elvis Andrus had a good year with the glove, but that .702 OPS is not enough to carry him over the top in our mind. (Apparently, three people disagreed.)

Also, some people seemed to be voting based on who they thought had generated the most hype through the season, or who had the most potential. We can't imagine any other reason why someone would vote for Matt Wieters, or have him at the top of their list (as one voter did).

So to all of you who got your ballot completely wrong (and there seems to be a lot of you), we respectfully disagree. And we fart in your general direction.

Other place where we've been quoted today, aside from in my own brain
Infield Fly Rule has assembled a postseason roundtable, in which yours truly, the inimitable eyebleaf, some soccer loving dude and the lovely and beguiling Katy Unger offer our remembrances of this season past.

There were so many memories, fond and otherwise, that the roundtable will be broken into three parts, so keep checking back.


Ian H. said...

I feel like an idiot giving Noland Reimold my second place vote.

FrostKing said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement (I'm the guy from Camden Crazies - and there's just one of me). I also was quite surprised yesterday, though I never expected Anderson to actually win.

I’m a huge Wieters fan – – but he totally didn’t deserve to be on any ballot. Just part of the fun of voting, I guess.

Jayszone93 said...

It's gonna be a close battle with a few deserving candidates... Been away for a bit, back with a new off-season target, an old FAMILIAR name! Click it would love to hear thoughts on this guy, hoping it's realistic.

Paul McCartney said...


Hippeaux said...

I totally agree. I voted on the NL side, but Anderson definitely would've made my AL ballot if I had one. Camden Crazies post even convinced me he's worthy of #1. Anderson is going to be even better next year and before too long he'll be ready to follow Tim Hudson and Dan Haren to a contender.

Ty said...

^^Probably not before leading Oakland to a playoff appearance or two though, to be fair. Oakland's been rebuilding for a few years now, I can't imagine that it'll be long before we see another few years of dominance like the first half of this decade.

Brian Tallet's Cock Cheese said...

what the frick is up with the Paul McCartney Jet guy?

Anonymous said...

yo... funny style.

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