Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hints, allegations, and....

Heyo! Late to the party, as usual, but much like Vernon Wells jogging into a basebrawl, better late than never, right? Right.

(Incidentally, the Tao wasn't too far off with his reports on my whereabouts. File that under "....things left unsaid". See what I did there?)

If the shittacular collapse of the Jays has done anything, it's provided me with the closure necessary to speculate and dream of better days in 2010. I mean, things couldn't possibly be worse, could they? Wait - don't answer that....because I'm thinking that they could get worse, theoretically. Maybe. But unlikely. Yeah. Let's go with "unlikely".

Here's the deal, though - to my way of thinking, a further drop in the standings means the team is starting from scratch and tearing the fucker down. That's one way of doing it. It would be painful....but at least it would be a direction.

These days, though, I'm kinda sorta maybe leaning towards the train of thought that says the boys upstairs at the 'Rog plan on sinking some cash into the team and taking a run at being competitive again. That's another way of doing it.

Here's what's pushing me towards curtain #2:
  • Nadir Mohamed, top dog of the parent co, is actually talking about the team. And talking about the team in terms of putting a winner on the field. And you know what? My bullshit detector hasn't been ringing in my ears. To slash payroll down to the $60M range, at this point, would be suicide by attendance.
  • I don't have the link (because I'm lazy), but the well documented PTS roundtable in which McCown, Blair, and Brunt discussed the potential of a $120M payroll figure "being on the table" is a marked turn in tone from those who cover the team. McCown has hinted at a payroll increase in the past - but this conversation really put it out there.
  • Why would Beeston be pimping "THE PLAN" so hard if it meant more heartache and disappointment for the fans? Why would you do that? We like to talk about how the Jays are run as a business first.....and businesses typically set conservative expectations or risk destroying shareholder confidence when those expectations aren't met. Record low crowds = no more wiggle room.

So, yeah. Maybe I'm setting myself up for epic disappointment. But you know what? Even the aforementioned "rebuild" would mean something. I guess that's a plan. It's Big Macs instead of a T-Bone....but at least we wouldn't be starving.


Darren Priest said...

I share your cautious optimism.

Gil Fisher said...

I'm not sure if I'm optimistic, but I've had the feeling for a while now that another shoe's about to drop - one that might show some semblance of method to the madness.

Tallet's 'stache said...

From MLBTR: "The Cubs will be open to "anything and everything" this offseason, including trading Milton Bradley and/or Carlos Zambrano. Anything to improve the club, basically. However, perhaps the only way the Cubs could unload Bradley would be to take on another underachieving, overpaid player in return."

Wells for Bradley! Ha!

eyebleaf said...

This is what I like to see, Ack. To 2010.

Also: "Fuck 2009" is a fantastic label. I wholeheartedly support the message.

The Ack said...

Seriously, I didn't see one minute of baseball this weekend. Buried in the office.

But yeah, fuck 09 and bring on 10. Or at least the offseason, where the Jays are going to dominate. RIGHT?!?!?!