Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Rock Out - Rilo Kiley "Silver Lining"

Because when things are going lousy, sometimes we just need a little bit of Jenny Lewis in our life. It does a man good.

The Ack is scheduled to be in over the weekend, but unconfirmed reports indicate that he may be drunk and incoherent, and possibly under heavy medication. If you see him anywhere in the Prairies this weekend, be sure to call the number on his collar and send him home safely.

Here's to a series win against the Rays. Cheers.


REAN said...

I'll cover the seedy underground of the 'Peg - ACKwatch 2009!

Darren Priest said...

Man, I love how concrete your tastes in women are: red/auburn hair and big tits. Someday, I hope my crime syndicate needs something from you because I'll know exactly which prostitute to send.

You know, when I have a crime syndicate.

Tao of Stieb said...

Yeah, I'm pretty easy to figure out. I've got me a bit of a weakness for the red-haired girls.

What can I say? It's a lifelong affliction.

Incidentally: Mrs. Tao, who is NOT a redhead, always looks at me every time we walk past a redhead on the street. And I always shrug and say "She wasn't that hot." Even if she was.

plain_g said...

i love how the espn gametracker calculates the percentage likelihood of homeruns and ruiz is always at the top of the jays list, even though he never plays.

plain_g said...

Friday, September 18th, the year of our Lord, 2009, 10:48pm Eastern Standard Time... Cito inserts Randy Ruiz into a baseball match against the former Devil Rays of Tampa Bay... as a pinch runner.

Anonymous said...

Jenny Lewis is racktacular!