Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taking issue with the Globe

You know how sometimes, when a team is looking to rebuild, or retool, or just needs to shake things up, you'll hear a General Manager announce that "nobody is untouchable"? I usually tend to agree, but there are always exceptions. For example, let's say you have a player at the peak of his career, at arguably the most important position on the roster, who is one of, if not the very best in the league at his job, who has pledged allegiance to the team, and who just might be the most popular player in franchise history. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, such a player exists. Well, that player would be the exception to the "nobody is untouchable" rule. You just don't trade Roy Halladay.

Now that I've stated my position, you can imagine the taste left in my mouth by browsing the sports section of the Globe this morning. Not one, but two articles (not so) subtly advocating just the opposite. First up, an article by my guy Jeff Blair.

Full disclosure - Blair is probably my favorite writer covering the Jays (even if, as it appears, baseball coverage is no longer Blairsy's full-time gig). You broke my heart with this quote this morning, Jeff:

".....general manager J.P. Ricciardi disagrees with those of us who don't think like television executives and who believe that the economy going down the sewer, coupled with the emergence of the Tampa Bay Rays and the economic and personnel clout of the usual suspects in the American League East, makes it a good time to gut the franchise and trade Roy Halladay for some package offering immediate and long-term help."

Blair's cohort Bobby MacLeod follows this up with an article of his own, with a few throwaway quotes from Doc's agent, and essentially re-re-re-rehashing the same tired quotes from the all-star break last season.

If I haven't made myself clear enough, here's my take: unless Roy approaches JP and says he wants out - or indicates he won't re-sign with the team when his contract expires after the 2010 season - there's no way trading Halladay should be part of the organizational blueprint. Roy Halladay is a once in a generation type of pitcher (excuse the hyperbole), by all indications loves playing for the team, and is, maybe above all else, exactly the type of person you want representing your franchise.

Roy Halladay is 31 years old. Roy Halladay is in the prime of his career. Even if 2009 turns out to be the shit year that everyone seems to be so sure the team will're expecting the team to stink for the next five or six seasons? Marcum, McGowan, Cecil, Litsch, Snider, Lind, Rios, and Hill have no chance at growing into the core of a contending ballclub? Trading Doc is the only way to get better? Disagree, friends. Dis - a - gree. So shut the fuck up about trading Doc, already.


eyebleaf said...

I think the last line nailed the post.

And that is one weird picture of our boy.

The Southpaw said...

*stands on chair and cheers*

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets it.

BTW, I thought Blair's whole tone is far too pessimistic. Who thought this time last year that the Twins would force a one-game playoff for the division? Any rational non-Twins fan already had the Indians and tigers down as the only two central division teams with a shot.

I refuse to just give up. It's not like we're the Pirates or something.


eyebleaf said...

Will's right. Under Cito, I still have faith in this club in 2009. We played some pretty fucking solid baseball in August and September if my mind serves me correctly.

AJ or no AJ, this team will be fine.

Fuck 2010. I haven't turned the page on 2009 yet.

saxrdrunk said...

Whether we're a contender or not, having Roy on this team allows us to watch one of the finest pitchers to ever don a Jays' uniform pitch a gem every fifth day. No matter how dire this team is next year, at least we have that to look forward to.

My hope is that Roy stays a Jay until he decides to hang it up. It would be a joy to be able to say that he is, always was, and always will be a Jay.

Think of this scenario. The Jays trade Halladay to another team. He goes on to have another ten stellar seasons with said team and, as he so richly would deserve, eventually enters the Hall of Fame. Can you imagine him entering that hallowed hall as a member of another organization? The thought practically makes me vomit.

Seriously, Globe and Mail. Think about this.


The Ack said...

^^ what all of you said.

Seriously, I think this is all just one shitty unsubstantiated article picking up steam from the last shitty unsubstantiated article.

And yeah, fuck 2010. Have they uncovered some previously unread Nostradamus prediction indicating the Jays will be a 70 win team next year? We've given up on Lind blossoming and Snider showing he is the 5-star prospect EVERY expert has said he is? We're assuming Wells will miss 60 games, Rios won't pick up his power numbers (and even if he doesn't, he's still far above average), we won't get the pre-2008 version of Aaron Hill back, etc? Fuck that.

We need to catch a break or two in the rotation, yeah, but look what the bullpen unexpectedly provided last year. Could happen again. I'm convinced the offense will come around.

I know I'm spouting wishy-washy maybe-possibly bullshit....but it's no different than the rhetoric in the opposite direction, is it?

Contradicting myself a little now, it does piss me off royally that payroll looks like it's getting cut and management is saying they'll likely sit out free agency. What, the economic issues of the day are somehow only affecting Toronto? (yes, I know the dollar is taking a beating)....

Christ, this should have been a post....

eyebleaf said...

The whole economy only affecting Toronto is definitely a post. I guess they'll say it's mainly the fucking Cdn dollar.

Mylegacy said...

I say trade everyone - play the Milton Senior Girls team position players and let Doc pitch every fifth day. I bet he still gets at least 15 wins.

Doc is - no question - a once in a generation guy. OUR - once in a generation guy. Trade him and you better get areal good bodyguard, or two.