Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silver Sluggers to be awarded - Blue Jays need not apply

So once we get through today's pantomime of an AL Cy Young Award announcement, we can look forward to the fair and equitable distribution of Silver Slugger Awards.

We think it is pretty safe to assume that no Blue Jay is going to be so honoured this year. In fact, we'd be surprised if a Blue Jay got so much as a single vote amongst the managers and coaches who pick the winners.

The last time a Blue Jay won a Silver Slugger was in 2003, when Vernon Wells and Carlos Delgado ('member him?) both received one, in the same year that Roy Halladay won the Cy Young.

Wow. We had no idea at the time that 2003 was going to be viewed in retrospect as "the salad years".

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go slam our door on our hand to see if we can remember what it's like to feel something.


eyebleaf said...

Carlos. Oh, those were good times.

The Ack said...

Fuck you, Clifford the big red dog Lee.

Johnny G said...

24 of 28 First place votes? DAMN HIM!

Ian H. said...

Is there any chance that there are any GIDP awards? If so, Overbay is all over that shit.

Torgen said...

Maybe the American Airlines Companion Ticket Award For Taking A Friend With You.