Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tao's Wandering Eye: Mike Jacobs

Since it came up in yesterday's comments (dig through the prolonged discussions on mulleted soft-rockers and you'll find it), we figured that we'd share what we think of Marlins 1B Mike Jacobs, who may be available to a team looking for a power bat.

We actually like Jacobs, and think of him as a discount version of Adam Dunn: he'll hit homers (32 last year) and drive in a good-not-great number of runs (93) in part because he strikes out to damn much (119 times last year in 447 ABs, versus 39 walks).

One particularly important stat to look at with Jacobs is how much better he hits on the road than at home in spacious Pro Player Dolphin Loria Stadium. Last year, Jacobs posted an OPS almost 120 points higher on the road (.872 versus .758), and a look at his stats over the years at least suggests that there are a number of Miami doubles that may turn into home runs in other barns.

Jacobs isn't an elite player, but 32 homers in the current power climate is nothing to shrug at. If the Marlins are looking to get rid of Jacobs before they have to pay him, then there is a great opportunity for the Jays to get themselves an upgrade at DH without paying through the nose for it.

On the other hand, why get hamburger when you can get a huge slab of meat?
MLB Trade Rumo(u)rs' Tim Dierkes speculates that the Jays could be in the running to pry Prince Fielder away from the Brewers if he hits the market.

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Bleacher Report released its MLB Free Agent Rankings and Predictions this week. Their signing predictions figure the Jays will dish out generous but somewhat reasonable contracts to DH Milton Bradley (two years, $30 million) and SS Orlando Cabrerra (three years, $25 million). We'd be a bit surprised if the Jays have that kind of coin to toss around, and we think that in spite of their tepid offense last year, a starting pitcher still has to be a priority in a post-A.J. world.


The Ack said...

If the Manny price tag escalates beyond the reach of Teddy Rogers' short arms - and I suspect it will - then the home/road splits at least have me lukewarm on Jacobs, which is better than the cold shower I was feeling before.

Milt Bradley....blech. Just feels like he had a career year last season and will come back to earth BIG TIME after cashing in this winter.

Orlando Cabrera earns a solid "Fuck No" from me. Mediocre player at this stage and on the decline. Upgrade? Sure, but not enough to justify the price tag and length of deal he's sure to get (3 years, I'd imagine). But hey - he has played in Canada before and enjoyed his time here - right Dick?

The Southpaw said...

As you say, wehre the shit would all that money for Bradley and Cabrerra come from? JP planning a bank heist?


eyebleaf said...

I'm with you, Tao, when it comes to 32 home runs. We need that shit. Bad. And those home/road OPS splits are interesting. A lot of doubles in Miami would be jacks at the 'Rog.

As for Milton "The Game" Bradley, fuck him. He's a psychopath, and I think Ack is right, there isn't a repeat performance left in that bat. And fuck Cabrera too. He is not worth that type of dough. Scutaro posted a higher OPS+ than him.

Ian H. said...

Jacobs is coming off a career year, but his historical statistics aren't too bad. He's around the 20+ HR, 80+ RBI level - which was still better than anybody on the Jays this year. Deal that shit!

Joanna said...

sigh...AJ Ramirez...sigh....

Tao of Stieb said...

Someone get Joanna a stiff drink.

Her AJ/Manny malaise is only going to amplify as the off season goes on.

Anonymous said...

It's strange. But somehow the Blue Jays and Milton Bradley are made for each other

homosexual hal said...

taos wandering eye is better for church street

The Southpaw said...

Bradly? YES.

Cabrera? Oh hell no.

EB0 said...

Mike Jacobs is in no way shape or form Adam Dunn...terrible terrible comparison

Also that sight also said that manny was the most overrated player in the league before the seasons started.

EB0 said...

Also Milton has always had the ability to do this maybe not the 1.000 ops but I don care what ball park he plays in I still put him down for 15+ HR, .400 OBP adn .480 SLG

Plus dude posted a .590 SLG in PETCO of all places. He's legit.

Tao of Stieb said...

That would have been funnier if you had said "hells to the naw!"

Also, we've decided that we need to use the expression "fuck that noise" a lot more.

"The Jays signing Brian Giles? Fuck that noise!"

Tao of Stieb said...

"Mike Jacobs is in no way shape or form Adam Dunn...terrible terrible comparison"

Aw, hells to the naw! Fuck that noise!

Adam Dunn is a big dumb white oaf who hits for a ton of power but a low average.

Mike Jacobs is a big dumb white oaf who hits for a good bit of power, but a low average.

We think that the comparison is not only apt, but brilliant.

Profound, even.

And yes, we know that Jacobs doesn't walk, and that's the difference, but we called him a "discount" version of Dunn...meaning not as good, but in the same vein.

But please, wow us with your superior knowledge. The sort of superior knowledge that grabs a 23 game sample size at PETCO Park to espouse the virtues of M. Bradley.

(And fuck it, man, we LIKE Bradley!)

EB0 said...

Mike Jacobs is more like a poor mans Joe Carter..

and also Yea yea small sample size but still his home and away splits are not that bad...and hitting that well in PETCO has to mean something.

Tao of Stieb said...

OK, then smart guy.

If you think that you can find definitive meaning in that small sample size, then might we suggest that you look at Milton B.'s career stats versus the Yankees and the Red Sox, or his career stats at the Rogers Centre?

Because it ain't pretty.