Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend primer: Blue Jay linkage

...and by "primer", I mean this might be all you get from me this weekend. Yeah, you all owe me one.

On to business, I was pleasantly surprised as I surfed through my usual hotspots for all things Blue Jay....some pretty entertaining links. So, rather than present any original thought whatsoever (probably for the best), here's some fantastic reading material to get you through the excruciating pain of a World Series involving yooouuuuurrrr Tampa Bay Rays!

Jamie Campbell - too much information

Our man JC checks in with a blog post of his own over on the home station. Now, I like to give Campbell a hard time like anyone else, but this blog post presents him in a COMPLETELY different light.

I strongly recommend reading the whole post, but if this doesn't grab you:

"The place was packed and I, admittedly, had a terrific beer-buzz. The floor seemed to rise when Dave Winfield hit the go-ahead double and exploded when the final out was made in the bottom of the 11th. I was so excited, I started making out with a female co-worker.Later, after hundreds of people spilled into the streets of Halifax, I tried to help a mob flip a taxi with the driver still in the car, two hands firmly gripping the wheel. "

...then nothing will. Now I'm left to wonder what a night on the town with Jamie and Rance would consist of. Whoah Nelly!

As an aside, JC makes an excellent point. The "Touch 'em all, Joe!" blast, as remarkable as it was, doesn't compare to the first one in '92. Is it just me, or has that season been completely overlooked in Jays history?

Jeff Blair continues to be Bad Ass

Full disclosure, there's not really much for Blue Jays news within this link to Blair's blog, but the next time any of you commenters disparage my hometown, I'll kindly direct you towards Toronto's (via Winnipeg) finest sportswriter.

You think he's messing around?

Cathal Kelly: Friends with (J)P

Big pat on the back for the underrated Cathal Kelly, for telling the World Series to fuck off and instead focusing on stirring the offseason pot.

Within this article, Kelly gives us JP's take on a plethora of potential winter storylines out of Jays camp, including:

JP on Manny:
"I've known him since he was 15, and I've liked him since he was 15. I also like a lot of other players that we're probably not going to get. As far as the talent goes, he's a very talented player. Who knows where it goes from there?" Ricciardi said.

JP on AJ negotiations:
"They're not going bad, they're not going good. They're fine," Ricciardi said of his conversations with Burnett's agent.

JP on BJ:
"It's not a priority for us right now, trading B.J. Ryan," Ricciardi said.

JP on the offseason in general:
"Anybody on our club that would help us get better, if it meant trading them, we'd be open to it," Ricciardi said yesterday from his home in Massachusetts., to summarize: negotiations with Burnett are non-existent, JP desperately wants Manny but needs to convince the Beest to convince Ted Rogers, BJ Ryan is on the trading block, and so is Roy Halladay.

I kid, I kid!


Tao of Stieb said...

Good point about people forgetting how wicked 1992 was.

We, like JC, were packed into a bar in eastern Canada, watching the game on what would seem now to be a comically small TV behind the bar.

A fun note about the night the Jays won in '92: It was a brilliant full moon, and it was also the night that the clocks turned back, meaning a whole extra hour of celebrational tomfoolery.

Tao of Stieb said...




The Ack said...

Just watch that fucking asshole block him from the WBC now. He probably signed him solely for this reason, because he hates Canada.

Tao, if you have executive powers to edit the alignment on the "Cathal Kelly" subtitle there, have at it, because I'm a fucking retard and can't fix it without buggering everything else up.

Anonymous said...

I predict that as the years pass, more stories about JC's other side will turn up.

The Ack said...

so, I fixed the alignment alls by myself! I'm only borderline artarded.

Darren Priest said...

Not sure if we were in the same bar (Social Club) in 92, Tao, but I have similar memories. One of my best memories was waking up the next morning and listening to the radio. The CBC played "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down" and it gave me chills I still get. Although the song has, you know, nothing to do with baseball -- we did beat a team from south of the Mason-Dixon.

Anonymous said...

in the winter of 69 we were hungry just barely alive

till may the 10th richmond had fell its a time i remember oh so well

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Campbell felt the need to stress that it was a FEMALE co-worker? As if our immediate assumption would be the opposite?

Anonymous said...

No one is going to argue with you that JC isn't annoying, but he does work in sports industry. If you worked in shipping, construction, media production, etc. where you're around other dicks 90% of the time, you'd probably specify that the person was female. And the guy isn't allowed to write something like "sexy bitch co-worker" or something that doesn't sound emotionally neutral, since anything can become a political issue, even after 16 years.

eyebleaf said...

"Just watch that fucking asshole block him from the WBC now. He probably signed him solely for this reason, because he hates Canada."

If JP does that, Rich Griffin's head will explode. I hope JP does it, just for the reaction out of the Griffster. said...

It can't truly have effect, I consider like this.