Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is J.P. about to lose his paisan?

Not to play into a stereotype fed by eight years of the Sopranos, but don't J.P. and Assistant GM Tony LaCava look like they're about to cause some somebody some trouble? All due respect...

The news from Bobby McLeod says that LaCava is being interviewed for the Seattle Mariners GM job, along with four other candidates. This is the second time in as many years that LaCava gets an interview, after being considered for the helm of his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates last year.

We've made barely veiled comments in these parts that the Jays might have a ready-made replacement for J.P. if the organization decides to tie the can to him. Not that we want to begrudge Tony any success, but we'd feel better if he were around to pick up the pieces and maintain some continuity should the Rogers brass decide to sacrifice Ricciardi as an appeasement to the unwashed stupid masses.


The Ack said...

If Lacava gets the gig, does this make that Antholopolopothouloupolulis cat the "next in line" internal candidate?

I have a hard time spelling his name because, obviously, I'm overtly racist towards Greeks.

Anonymous said...

Ack, I'm half Greek but you are all homo, so fuck off! Ack what is that some cute Yiddish name masquerading as a WASP name? Probably, so have an unhappy New Year!

La Cava or the golden Greek should not be GM. Those are Wilner's fucking picks, the same dickweed who can't believe that Tampa came in first and doesn't think they can get anywhere in the playoffs. Wilner will be gagging when the Rays win it all! They need to get some smart Jewish guy like Friedman or Theo. Not ack though, he is a dumb Jew. They have to go outside of the organization because they are not winners they are losers so far. When a team just finished in 4th place, no one interally should be a solution.

The Ack said...

that's me, 100% Jewish homo! Just need to convince my wife and Catholic parents of that fact, and we're all set.

ummm, yeah. I really can't tell if you're being serious or tongue in cheek there, anon, but that was pretty fucking wacked.

anyway, point at hand - both Friedman and Theo were internal hires, so I don't see how that works for your argument.

Tao of Stieb said...

"Fourth place".

Oh, how we're growing to hate those words.

Darren Priest said...

Actually, Lloyd probably nailed it.

4th PLACE said...

4th PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suck it bitch

Anonymous said...

Ack, Friedman came from Wall Street and Theo actually worked for the Padres before he came to Boston, so there were not internal so to speak like Brian Cashman was. You essentially need a different set of eyes to see how this organization can be bettered, because there is something wrong with this team in terms of injuries to pitching, lack of offense and lack of accountability. There needs to be a different philosophy with the Jays and the Golden Greek and LaCava all came under JP's aegis.
BTW, Jews and Catholics share that guilt thing and there are a lot of Jews that converted to Catholicism to hide their Yiddishness!